Nutrients are the building blocks of wellness!

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Ever since the days of Hippocrates it has been said that “all disease begins in the gut”.   The reason for this belief is because the ongoing cellular regeneration process in your body is entirely dependent on the quality of the "building blocks" (nutrients) you provide it within in your diet. Therefore, the nutritional content of what you eat affects the very foundation of your health.

A healthy body has amazing healing potential and will rarely give any indication of the continual regeneration process it undergoes each and every day. However, if you fail to do it right, you will eventually know it!  You will not necessarily know what disease you are causing, but you will sometimes get a forewarning.

For example, "acid reflux" can be a forewarning of diverticular disease which leads to diverticulosis, diverticulitis, and possibly colon cancer. And all of it can be avoided simply by giving your digestive system the nutrients it needs. Like many other mammals on earth, our body works best when we include things like raw fruits and vegetables in it..... not trans fats and sugars!

So, how can you avoid nutritional deficiency?

Eating 5 to 9 servings of garden fresh vegetables, fruits, and legumes every day will provide you with sufficient vitamin intake to make vitamin supplements unnecessary.  In addition, consuming small portions of grass fed beef and organic chicken every day along with plenty of purifed water and almond milk (as opposed to processed cow's milk) should give you enough mineral intake as to make mineral supplements unnessessary as well.  And if you don't smoke, drink alcohol, and you get plenty of exercise, you probably don't need to be concerned about nutritional deficiency at all!
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On the other hand, in the "real" world, with processed foods and fast foods making up the bulk of our diet, health supplements have become a necessity if we want  to avoid disease and maintain good health.  When you attempt to keep your body running with processed foods and fast food, the digestive process will create more and more counter productive activity within your system. If you are not providing your digestive system with sufficient nutrients to counter act the unhealthy activity, the disease process will begin. Hence the reason for the belief that “all disease begins in the gut”.

What health supplements should you take?

Multivitamins are a great way to supplement a diet for people who largely depend on processed and fast food.  However, always remember that a multivitamin is no replacement for a good, well balanced diet.  A relatively healthy eater may choose to supplement only where they feel that their existing diet falls short of certain nutrients. No matter what you decide as to which health supplements to use, there are 3 things that you need to remember.

  1. Cheap pills and tablets usually pass through your body without leaving any benefit behind.
  2. Try to use liquid, veggie capsules, or powder whenever you can.
  3. If there is a choice, always choose natural ingredients over synthetic. The extra cost is worth the benefit. Vitamin D is a good example: D2 is synthetic and D3 is natural. Many people, including some doctors, will tell you the benefit is the same. Don’t believe it. It is not true.