Nothing feels quite as relaxing as a shower following a long day on the job, or as energizing as a shower in the morning before work. Are you aware of the advantages that a charcoal filter in your shower head offers? I'm going to give you the facts.

Charcoal filters eliminate the chlorine from the water you use to bathe or shower in. Not only can chlorine cause your skin to become dry, it can also damage your hair, as it contributes to increased dryness and fragility.

You can be kinder to both your skin and hair by adding a charcoal filter to your system. You may be applying a lot of moisturizer to your skin after washing it, but if you have dermatitis or eczema, you may still have dry, flaky, skin, regardless.

These aggravating skin ailments may be a direct result of the quantity of chlorine in your water, which is something that a charcoal filter can help you to resolve. Water that has been chlorinated also contains harmful trihalomethanes that are known to be carcinogenic, in addition to the other health problems that they are associated with. After water has been expelled from a faucet or shower nozzle, these chemicals can be in the air you are breathing, adding to the risk to your health.

If chlorine is so dangerous with its many harmful side effects, how come it is put into the water we drink and bathe in. Many pathogenic organisms can be waterborne, and this is apparent with the number of diseases that are transmitted by water in underdeveloped countries. Chlorination is a relatively inexpensive means of killing potentially harmful organisms that may be in our water, even though there are other safer methods that can be used. Disinfecting water more safely is very expensive, and with the increased budget constraints that governments are dealing with, consumers receive water that has the potential of damaging your health. It is your responsibility to make sure your family has water that is safe to drink and use.

The most economical solution to this issue is to get rid of the chlorine in your water for less than $.10 per day with a charcoal shower water filter. Filters typically last for three months, depending on the volume of water your family uses and the quantity of chlorine that is used to treat the water in your particular locale.

Charcoal filters that fit into your shower head are easy to install, and you will not need any special tools to do it. You will not have to hire someone to do the installation for you. Charcoal filters will include complete and easy to follow instructions in the packaging.

Now, if you want the very best solution you'll want a whole house water purifier. This type of water purification system will remove even more chlorine because it filters the water before it's heated.