Baguio City is located in Northern Luzon, Philippines. It is very popular because of the cool weather that is not always available in other parts of Manila, where it seems summer all the time. If you are looking for a holiday to spend in the country where there are pine trees, foggy mornings, and chilly romantic evenings without being too away form civilization, then Baguio City should be your next travel destination.

Here are the places that Baguio City has to offer, which is why you should visit this city of pines.

Lion's Head

If you are traveling to this city by car, take Kennon Road so that you will pass by this landmark. The Lion's Head is 40-feet tall, and was carved in limestone by a local artist back in 1972. It's worth stopping for to take a picture—it's not everyday that you pass by this kind of structure.

Wright Park

This place is a pine tree reserve where the horses are. Tourists can go horseback riding here for a low fee. Although it looks hard, it's worth climbing up the long stairs that lead to what they call a "Pool of the Pines", which is a 100 meter long pool of clear water surrounded by towering pine trees. If you don't want to climb up the stairs, you can always take the road, drive around it the park and get off when you see the pool.

Mines View Park

In this park you will see the mountain ranges from a cliff. These ranges were once used for quarrying gold and silver so the view was spectacular back then. At present, you will see mostly green and some parts of the city as well as the patch of land where they used to harvest the ores. Come here early in the morning and be prepared for a spectacular view. Don't forget to pickup souvenirs from the stores along the park as they are cheaper here than in the public market, believe it or not.

Camp John Hay

This is where you can experience luxurious accommodation. Camp John Hay used to be a rest and recreation venue of the US Army in the Philippines. It's now converted into a world-class mountain resort with high end hotels and cottages, golf-course, picnic area, paintball camp, as well as posh restaurants and cafes, all set in the lush green.

Baguio City also offers cozy little inns for backpackers who are not looking to spend so much on fancy cottages with a fireplace. Just watch out for broken shower heaters or you might find yourself showering with cold water. Fresh strawberries are widely available in this place, including strawberry jams, syrup and wines. It may be a good time to visit Baguio around February during the Panagbenga Festival or Flower Festival, where floral floats and parades as well as native and flea markets fill the streets of the city. The scene is picture perfect so do not forget to bring your camera with you!