Part of the Christian way of life is to serve. Doing an outreach doesn’t mean going to the depths of the Amazon jungle to find an unreached tribe to evangelize. Although, if this is your calling then anything is possible.

You could be participating in a feeding scheme or a soup kitchen. You could help with children on the street. This is where you will see your unseen talents being revealed and how God will put you to work. A sportsperson could help set up a program for disadvantaged kids who are unable to afford the latest sports gear. By having skills such as photography, sound engineering and hospitality you would always be put to use in your local church.

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Just Give!

Just remember, you don't even have to go out and help the sick five days a week. Just by helping someone on the forums, writing an article you are not getting any revenue from or sharing something you found on the web - you will be giving.. for sure! How about teaching older folk something on the computer. I know I get frustrated with this, but once they have something waxed, it is really rewarding.



What is an Outreach?

Bigger programs are probably the most popular. It involves less effort. You would merely choose the program you would like to be involved in or feel that you have been called to do and pay your money, which goes toward administration and various fees that would accommodate you. It would be advisable to choose a well-recognisable program or mission base.

Youth with a mission is probably the biggest mission organization in the world.

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There are bases all over the world with short-term missions going off all the time to all four corners of the globe. You could volunteer at one of these bases, helping with the cooking or the administration. There are also a lot of other ministries to be done such as street ministries, those involving children and the arts where there is a lot of dancing, skateboarding and big concerts just to name a few.

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You could join a specific focused based outreach or it could be more general. I joined up with a team from England who came down to South Africa. This mostly consisted of going into the townships and entertaining the children, ministering to the people addicted to alcohol - as a result there is a lot of foetal alcohol syndrome in kids. We also helped at churches in the area. This would be more of a generalized outreach.

Doing outreach full-time or short-term



Going into missions full time is a big decision to make, but obviously this is not yours to make and more of a calling. There are lots of young families doing this all over the world. It is a completely different lifestyle, but it can also be challenging.

Shorter mission trips can really change your lives. You may think you are just going along for the ride and you are not going to do any of the speaking, but things don't always turn out that way. You will learn more than you can imagine when you are far from home.

A lot of people think that an outreach like this is a vacation - they soon find out that it's not when they have to stand up on the pulpit and give their testimony or get out of your comfort zone in some other way. A testimony can be incredibly powerful.