I'm a huge fan of motivational videos on youtube. Why? It's simple really. Most of them are junk but there are a few gems on there that really really pump you up and get you all excited about life and your goals again. They help. Believe me. All I need is 1 good video on there are I'll work tirelessly on my goals for hours, days, weeks, months, years... non-stop just so I can make it. And whenever my motivation starts to wane, I can always go back to youtube and watch more of those motivational videos.

Honestly now, why do you think big corporations hire motivational speeches all the time to talk to their employees? Because it works! In the MLM industry too it's very common for the companys to hire a motivational speaker to inspire its distributors. It's one of the greatest secrets out there and it's been hiding in plain sight this whole time. So take responsibility for your own levels of motivation and start watching as many motivational videos as you can every single day. I firmly believe you should spend a bare minimum of 20 minutes a day watching motivational videos and up to 1 hour in total of just pumping yourself up. It will fill you with really positive energy that will take you far in life.

Really, how motivated are you right now to reach your goals? Do you take consistent action every day to get closer to your goals? ALL your goals? If you don't, you need a motivational boost... If you want to be a winner in this life, you need to dodge all the negativity we are all exposed to every single day in the media, through the people we associate with, through our workplace, etc... and you need to feed your mind with positive uplifting inspiring messages every single day. This is like a daily multivitamin for the mind. I don't remember where I first read that analogy(multivitamin for the mind) but it's stuck with me for all these years. The author of that is unknown.

You owe it to yourself to reach your full potential. Don't settle for mediocre results. Heck, don't even settle for good results. Seek out greatness and you will find it. Seek out excellence and it will meet you half way.

Motivational videos are so powerful. There is just something about the combination of inspiring words and inspiring images that really get you going. The stories you'll hear through these videos, the quotes you'll read all this will make a huge difference in your productivity and success overall.

How do you find these motivational videos? Simple really. Just go to youtube or google video and search for motivational video. Look through what you can find and check them out. If you like what you find watch the whole thing... if you don't move on to the next video.

One of my own personal favorite motivational videos on youtube is called "How Bad Do You Want It?" and it's just one of the greatest videos I have ever stumbled on over the years. I think the music playing in the background is excellent. The story told by the narrator is epic... and the guy in the video is really motivated himself and you can tell he is already successful and he will become very successful in the future. Here's a link:


That's just 1 example of the great videos you can find on youtube.

Other ideas I have of greatness I've found on youtube over the years include motivational videos from movies like that motivational speech Al Pacino made in that football movie. There are a lot of those on youtube.

Also, look up motivational speeches on youtube... Keep looking. Enter phrases related to motivational videos in the search bar on youtube and you'll probably find millions of results that will last you a lifetime.

You could also just enter motivation in there and you'll probably get all kinds of relevant videos like motivational quotes or reviews of motivational books, etc...

Motivational quotes are great for getting inspired too. I have spend so much time just reading motivational quotes... it's crazy really! And it's helped me a lot in changing my mindset. I'm more positive than I've ever been nowadays.

Motivational books are essential to your success. The best motivational book I have ever ever read is The Success Principles by Jack Canfield. It's definitely one of the best books ever written by anyone ever. I think it's sold something like 100s of millions of copies worldwide... 100s of millions of people can't be wrong.

Another important suggestion I wanted to make to you that I actually got from the book I just mentioned (The Success Principles by Jack Canfield) is to turn your car into your "learning temple" as he calls it. In other words, use your commuting time as time for you to learn something new every day. One of the best ways you could spend your commute time is to listen to motivational audiobooks in your car or on public transport. Do this every day on your way to work and on your way back from work. Now, at first, you might not notice much of a change in your mindset or results but I'm telling you that if you do this every day for weeks, months, years, you'll end up making huge changes in your own life as a result of this practice. It may not be enough on its own to completely turn around your life but every little bit helps.

Well, that's it for this article. Depending on your goals in life, there are all kinds of approaches to attaining them. One of my own biggest goals at the moment is getting back in shape and I've made a lot of progress in reaching that goal. One of the things I've done to be successful in that area is that I read a lot of information about health and fitness and I kept implementing and acting on everything I learned. One ressource I personally promote and highly recommend can be found in my signature box under my username on this page. Do yourself a huge favor and check it out!

In every one of my articles including this one, I welcome and encourage comments. Cheers!