You really can’t stress the importance enough of wearing protective clothing when you’re riding motocross. A lot of injuries could be evaded if more people wore off road clothing such as a helmet, pants, boots, gloves, elbow pads, goggles, a chest protector, knee pads and shin pads etc.

Maybe the most important piece of equipment to wear is the helmet, and rightly so. Without a helmet you can suffer very serious injuries to your head. Wearing a helmet reduces the risk for concussions, facial injuries and brain injuries. It also protects your head from flying items such as small rocks.

Another important piece of safety equipment for your mx rides are goggles. The risk of eye injury is quite high if you don’t wear any goggles. There is a quite big risk of small rocks etc. hitting you in your eyes while you’re riding your motocross.
Goggles also stops the wind in your eyes which in turn makes you’re riding safer.

If you do lose the balance or control of your bike and if you fall to the ground the first thing you will do is probably putting out your hands to protect you from the fall. Therefore another vital part of off road clothing is gloves. Protect your hands or they may take serious damage if you are in an accident. Gloves will also protect your hands from any debris that flies in the air.

Make no mistake; motocross riding can be a very dangerous activity so look into getting a chest protector, good boots, pants, knee pads, elbow pads and shin pads. Because of the high speed and your vulnerability while on a motocross it’s important to protect your whole body and not just your head and hands.

You can have just as fun riding your mx bike with high quality off road clothing on so do go out and buy some if you don’t already own any protective clothing.
With the right quality clothes and protective gear you can really increase your safety while riding.

Protective gear doesn’t have to be that expensive as well so there is no excuse for not buying any. I’m sure that there is a store somewhere near you where they sell good off road clothing or if not, you can always look for clothing online, there are plenty to be found online as well.

You only got one life so protect yourself. The injuries that can be caused by motorcycle accidents can be absolutely horrifying but if you protect yourself you can escape with little to no injuries.

If you need help with finding where you can buy off road clothing, just simply click here.