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Why you should work hard in high school: Attending high school may be a daunting experience for some teenagers, but it can also be an invaluable experience that begins a gateway to success. High school is essentially the first time in a young person's life when their actions and choices actually matter. Making the right decisions and working hard can give you a multitude of opportunities that can truly pay off in the long run.

When I was in high school, I remember at my freshman orientation the principal said a strong statement, "what you make of high school will not only determine how much money you will make in life, but will also determine how much you love what you do in life." He also stated that if you love what you're doing, then you will never work a day in your life. These statements along with my love for learning enabled me to become a hard-working student. In this article, I will try to articulate the reasons why you should work hard in your high school years in order to have a more successful future.

One of the great things about high school is that you are free to try many clubs, sports, and other extracurricular activities. These activities will ultimately help lead you toward discovering your passion or passions (more on that later). Also, you will be given an opportunity to take a rigorous curriculum along with interesting elective courses to help determine what you want to do in life. So it comes down to the same question, "why should I try hard in high school" and I will answer it below.

One reason would be that you can get a better-looking, fully-developed transcript and resume that will help during the college application process. For example, if you were very passionate about helping others and were interested in medicine during high school, you could make all of your activities and clubs point to that main passion that you wish to follow. In this example, the student could write about how taking advanced biology while volunteering at the hospital led him or her to develop a desire to learn more about that field. Another example, could be a student who is passionate about music. On applications, that student could write about how tutoring younger musical students while playing in the school band enabled him or her to want to pursue music in college. Ultimately, working hard to discover your passion will help one tremendously get into a college of their dreams.

Often times, parents will talk about how hard-working students are often well rounded, or how colleges desire well rounded students. However, this isn't true in many cases. In the end, colleges want to obtain a diverse class of students with many different talents and abilities. This isn't accomplished by picking students good at everything, but through choosing students that are excellent at a few things that they love to do. The main thing is that you can choose that passion to be anything you want it to be, and not to sound like a broken record, if you love what you do, then you will never work a day in your life. Once that passion is discovered, you can have an even better experience in high school!

The only hard part to finding your passion would be finding your passion! You can do this by simply trying different things and meeting friends that do different activities. You just have to get out there and DO something; plant a tree, help the homeless, read a book to little kids at the library. Not to make everything sound easy, you will ultimately need to work hard in your high school years to get accepted into a good college. Unfortunately, there are often times many external forces that delay the maturation of fellow students. You can't make them hold you back and you have to keep moving forward no matter what others think of you. It's your life, so don't be told what to do by others. For instance, you may want to take advanced classes in order to stand out from the crowd. Then after being in college with your passion, great things can happen! You can then start planning for the job of your dreams because it may pay well and be what you loved doing your entire life anyway.

Want even more reasons why you should work hard in high school? If you decide to go to college, why not get a head start in high school. That's right, many advanced classes or college classes being offered at your school can give you college credits that may save you thousands of dollars off college tuition, all while teaching you many invaluable skills and making you look more desirable to universities. Even if your school doesn't give you credits for certain classes, they may give you an opportunity to skip entry level courses in your desired subject.

Also, if you decide to work hard and make the most of your high school years, you will often make your community a better place; this can be done by becoming a model student to the younger kids while also helping peers achieve their goals.

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Not going to college, not a problem...

In addition, if you don't plan on going to college, this method can still help you out a lot. Being able to get a head start, you can learn vocational skills while in high school. Just to give a quick idea, if you are interested in auto-body repair, for example, you may be able to take elective courses in that interest and perhaps take business courses to learn how to run a business. Then after you master the trade, you can run your own business and become a success without a college degree. The main idea being pushed across is that you had to work hard in high school doing what your interested in, in order to get to that level of success. In general, working hard at anything that you do can give you a great sense of pride and success. And if you fail along the way (like all humans do), you can learn from your mistakes to become even better at what you do.

Work hard, dream big, and good luck!

Ultimately, the choice is yours, you can make what you want of high school, and the amount of effort that you put in may equate to the happiness that may you receive from your success. Getting a good job or creating something revolutionary is just some of the benefits to having hope and working hard. I will be writing more articles with tips about finding your passion, working hard, and giving you ideas of things you can do in high school to be a better student. Good luck and I hope you understand why working hard during high school is significant in the many ways.