Link building is one of the key steps to driving a lot of traffic to your website or blog. Backlinks not only boost your traffic, they improve your search engine page rankings as well. Having a lot of high quality backlinks is essential for good page rank, but there is such a thing as having too many backlinks, or getting too many too quickly. Search engines like Google award page rank and therefore traffic based on high quality backlinks, but if a new site has a ton of backlinks in a short period of time, they will penalize the site for being a spammer. Many people believe that quantity is key, but it is quality of links and consistent growth in the number of backlinks that help establish a website's reputation and make a search engine want to recommend it as a top site with a high page rank. If you go crazy getting backlinks from every place possible, the search engines will not trust the link and think you are running a spam site, and you will damage your page rank and reputation.

Building your backlinks too fast is therefore a bad idea and you should plan to do it consistently over a number of months. If you were to get hundreds of links in a day or two, search engine spiders would believe that your site was generating them through some sort of program or bot, and penalize you. This is commonly referred to as the Google slap. Therefore, you should be extra careful to go for quality, not quantity, with your backlinks. There is no point in rushing and wasting your time and energy by getting Google slapped. On the other hand, too few links will not help your page rank either. You need to be able to compete for people's attention in the search engines. A quality backlink is a 'vote' for your site. On average, once you launch, try to create about 20 high-quality backlinks each day. This will take time, effort and research, but it is a good, moderate pace that will not set off the alarm bells at Google. If you manage this backlink rate every day for a month, the links will be far more valuable than if you had 560 links as soon as you launched, or in one day. Google awards page rank not just on the basis of backlinks, but their quality and how long the link has been there. DO not try to scam the search engines. Google will get you.

Many unscrupulous marketers will give you advice on how to scam Google, but those are the ones who get slapped in the end. The trick might work for a week or two but it will backfire once you get caught and banned. The bottom line is not to get too many backlinks too fast. Grow the site at a natural rate. Otherwise, too many backlinks will damage your page rank and reputation. Put in some effort with your link building campaign every day and watch this strategy pay off in the long-term.