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Feeling nervous when you find out that you need to wear prescription glasses is pretty normal, everyone goes through the same feeling - I certainly did. I didn't really want to wear glasses because I had this perception that glasses were unattractive or geeky. But I pretty soon changed my mind!

In this article I will let you know why you don't have to be nervous about getting prescription glasses.

SNSD's Yuri in Fashionable GlassesCredit: http://seoulawesome.wordpress.com/tag/hipster-glasses/Glasses Are Now Cool

Glasses used to be seen as 'uncool' and 'nerdy' but not anymore - glasses are now seen as smart, trendy and even attractive. Some people have even taken to wearing non-prescription glasses as a fashion statement such as modern hipsters and Korean music idols (K-pop). 

Picuted Right: SNSD's Yuri,a  K-Pop Idol in South Korea.

You Look Smarter

It's an undeniable fact - wearing glasses makes you look smarter. Since nerds are the new jocks this is a good thing. You can use this perception of your intelligence to your advantage as well. I like to put on my glasses if I am going to an interview or meeting where looking smart might help win someone over. If you wear glasses and talk about something complex people are pretty likely to trust that you know what your talking about.

Glasses Designs are Getting Better

Ray-Ban RX5169 EyeglassesCredit: amazon.com

Glasses of the past were pretty ugly - they often hard metal or tacky plastic frames and overly thick lenses. However, this is no longer the case. Improving designs and fashion labels getting involved in the industry means that you can now get really good looking glasses with thin lenses and face-complimenting frames. You can even get tinted glasses that look just like sunglasses.

Pictured right: Ray Ban RX5169 Eyeglasses.

Embrace Your New Look

You can make getting glasses a part of a redesign of your look. A new look can bring a new level of confidence and make you feel great. If you wear glasses begrudgingly and act like they look stupid chances are people will agree with you, but if you embrace them and wear them with confidence people are far more likely to love your new look. The vibes you put out are the biggest influence in what people think of the way you look - ever noticed how good confident people look?

You're Going to Be Able to See Properly!

This shouldn't need saying but don't underestimate the difference it's going to make to how well you can see. When I first put on my glasses I was amazed - I had no idea that there was so much detail in things like leaves and grass. Being able to see properly is going to make you feel a lot better, more so than you know.

Knowing What to Expect

Knowing what to expect when you first start to wear prescription glasses is 'half the battle' when it comes to putting your nervousness to rest. There is a bit of an adjustment period where you might go through some headaches, eye strain and simply getting used to remembering them but it gets easier. Do some research: talk to people you know with glasses and have a chat with your optometrist about what to expect. They will be able to allay any of your fears.


Enjoy your new glasses! Remember to embrace them and make them a part of your new look. Who knows? It may even be an improvement. Thanks for reading! 

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