There are many great benefits to using essential oils.  There are many that can take away pain, help you fall asleep,  and can calm you down.  Some are even used to fight infection and get rid of colds.  Almost all essential oils are safe to apply topically to adults as long as they are using carrier oil with it.  Coconut, grapefruit and almond oil are excellent carrier oils to use along with the essential oils.

Eucalyptus oil is great to use if you have a cold or congestion.  It can be applied to your feet or put in a diffuser.  However, it is important to not that eucalyptus should not be used for children under 10 years old.

There are quite a few dangerous risks that come hand in hand with using eucalyptus essential oil.  Eucalyptus can be very toxic and can make you feel sick to your stomach, you may have some hard time breathing as it can affect your respiratory system and it can greatly affect your body neurologically.

This is one that you absolutely never want to ingest.  Even at a low dose of 0.05 mL, it can be fatal to a grown adult.

Rashes, including ezcema can develop from this plant.  People with skin sensitivity should absolutely not use eucalyptus directly on their skin even with a carrier oil.  It can cause severe skin breakouts from a reaction.

Seizures have even been reported to have happened in young children when eucalyptus oil has been applied and some children have even gone into a coma after this has been applied onto them.  All of the dangers that go along with using eucalyptus, especially if it is not diluted are very frightening and could be life threatening.  It is not worth the risks especially if you are just trying to use it simply to get rid of a minor cold.

Eucalyptus has been known to help cure lice issues.  However, when applied directly to the head like that, it can soak into your body and into your blood system and cause some serious problems.  Dizziness and confusion have been reported to have occurred after the oil has been applied to a child's head.

"Eucalyptus is a tree. The dried leaves and oil are used to make medicine." [1]

The main ingredient in Vicks vapor rub is eucalyptus.  However, there are many  other ingredients that are mixed with it to make the vapor rub safe for kids.  On the container though, Vicks does state that it shouldn't be used on children under two years of age.

Not only is eucalyptus toxic to children, but it is toxic to animals as well and should not be used on any of your pets for any reason.  In high doses, this can be very fatal which is why you should never use it on children under the age of 10.

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For adults, or children under 10, eucalyptus oil can be used with a carrier oil such as this almond oil.