Not since the days of the Nintendo 64 have I been so excited about an upcoming Super Mario Bros game. The desire to see a chubby Italian plumber run around stomping on turtles and flinging living bullets at people had not deterred me from playing such games as final fantasy XI, Xenosaga, and in short my mainly role playing centered non-wii gaming focus.

I love a long story with intricate character development. The super mario style games that have been releasedwere interesting, but none of them really focused on the one thing I loved about the series since the days of Super Mario 64. They were not true adventures.

I loved super smash bros' brawl for instance, but it was not a running adventure fest throughout the mushroom kingdom. Yes, there is the paper mario line, one of which was recently released on the wii, but that just isn't the same.

While, the story of Super Mario Galaxy only starts off in the mushroom kingdom, the gameplay is more akin to the original storylines. Happily this style of play has been greatly enhanced with this release and the game makes full use of the wii remote gameplay styles.

You can perform spinning moves similar to something from crash bandicoot while using the nunchuk and the remote in general is used to collect star bits, an important game feature.

Super Mario Galaxy is designed around Mario jumping between different planets and facing the various challenges there. As one might expect these challenges vary. For one thing different planets have a varying degree of gravity.

There are two main level types. The aforementioned planet jumping, and a more in depth three dimensional journey in individual areas. Mixed in on occasion are a few mini-games and other level types, such as one where Mario rides on the back of a manta ray while racing.

One of the best features in Super Mario Galaxy is the updated power-ups that he can use. The standard fire throwing Mario and invincible star Mario, known as rainbow Mario in Super Mario Galaxy, are classics. They, of course, remain in effect. However, there are several cool new suits for the jumptastic plumber to leap about in.

The coolest of these new suits would have to be 'boo mario' and 'bee mario'. With the boo suit maria can walk through walks just like that annoying boo that chases him around in so many of his adventures. The bee suit allows him to fly for short bursts and land on certain flowers.

The graphics can not compare to the ultra-realism some of the other gaming platforms like xbox360 and the playstation 3 can put out. However, Nintendo is a master of creating colorful game worlds with vibrant life and incredibly memorable characters.

If you've decided that you need a break from the latest Halo, or final fantasy, give Super Mario Galaxy a chance. The chubby Italian plumber needs all the help he can get when it comes to saving princess Peach from Bowsers UFO.