Everyone grew up with larger than life dreams. Some wanted to explore planets, some wanted to run their own downtown deli, some wanted to play doctor.

For those who were agile, quick with their feet, and had a knack for smashing a soccer ball to the back of the net, probably dreamt about playing professional soccer. To contend in the Big Four leagues or their national team would’ve been an honor. The love of the sport, the thrill of the action, and the financial rewards are simply worth it.

The sobering reality however, is that only a minority will be scouted, and a handful of those will be inking their names on the dotted line.

What if you could bring yourself one step closer to living that dream. An exciting way to feel like you’re playing as part of your dream team already, is by sporting a custom soccer jersey with your very own name and number on it. This is actually an overlooked luxury you can indulge in when it comes to wearing personalized jerseys.

When I first got mine tailor made, I experienced a tremendous sense of involvement. Not only that, I felt like I was showing even greater support and deeper love for my football club – Barcelona - the one I’d kill to sign a contract with. Of course, I’ve learnt to accept chances of me playing for the team are narrower than the width between barcodes.

But still, I found a way to feel like I was part of my team.

Giant sportswear companies like Adidas and Nike are shelling out top dollars for designers to create football jerseys with impeccable fit and feel. You can rest assured that an official custom soccer jersey will not only provide comfort, but also the requisite functionality for optimal performance when you play.

The reason why I’ve also fallen in love with soccer jerseys is their anti-sweat technology and cut, which helps accentuate your body in a favorable light. Given that they’re soccer jerseys, they’re also easy to move around in, enabling you maximum flexibility when commuting.

Whether it’s just a casual day out, a session on the Futsal pitch with your friends, you are guaranteed to receive compliments and enjoy the arts of a custom soccer jersey.

If you any of you soccer enthusiasts are interested, I got mine made at shop.primosoccerjerseys.com

I've attached some photos of my own custom soccer jersey made below. Hope you like it! Cheers.

Barcelona FC Custom Soccer Jersey