The wolf is said to be the ancestors of what we know today as dogs. Just like the wolves, dogs also live in a pack. When we refer to the word pack in domestic dogs we mean the word family. It is important for a dog to have someone who leads them in their day to day life, if this does not happen your dog will do exactly what it wants and then you would be left with a big problem of having a pup with behavior disorder.

As an owner of a pup, you need to ensure that it understands that you are the Alfa in the pack. Once your dog understands that you will notice a submissive behavior however it is not easy to achieve this status. You will be tested over and over again by your pup to show that you are the alpha. This is done to gain dominance. Just like in the wolf pack, there will always be a wolf trying to gain control of the pack.

A good alpha will always stand ever test or challenges that he or she comes across. Does this mean that you should not keep a dog? NO… that is not correct. Just like how a child keeps on testing his or her parents some way or the other, your pup is also the same.

Beating or punishing your pup is not the answer. As an owner, you need to understand that just because you have a dog and it cannot speak; it does not mean that it does not have feelings. Saying that you love your pup is very different from actually understanding it.

Just like how a mother understand and loves her child, the same should be done with your pup. Your pup is not a show piece that can be kept aside and admired by all. Spending quality time in training it, talking to it and caring for it are all the various things that are done by the mother for a child. The same needs to be done with your pup.

Apart from giving it the love and attention, training it is also important. In the wolf pack, the alpha leads by setting an example which is seen by the other wolves, the same applies to your dog. You need to lead by example. Dogs understand vibes very well. They can see lots more than what we cannot. When you send out a confident wide, your pup knows best not to mess with you for any reason.

Your pup like a little kid, it will always try to get its way, but it is up to you to ensure that you know how to handle the situation and come out of it a winner. Playing games where your pup can challenge you is a good idea to prove yourself to be the Alpha.

When your pup does something wrong, you should correct it immediate. This will make your pup understand that you are watching every move and ensuring there is discipline in the house. Having a dog is not only a responsibility but a lifetime commitment. A dogs life is very short and it is your responsibility to ensure that during it’s time with you; you should be able to provide it with the best.