If you're developing a website for your small business, visit online sites like GoDaddy and Lenovo for services that will make the whole process faster and easier. If your small business isn't represented online, you're missing out. Most consumers turn to the Internet before picking up the phone book to find a company to serve their needs. Even if they know about your business, they may not feel comfortable doing business with you if they can't find a well-designed website.

Visibility in the Local Community

If you're like most shoppers today, you go to your favorite website to find out which local company can satisfy a new need in your life. Your potential customers will do the same. They enter a few words into the search argument along with a city name. In most situations, they choose a business from the first few that pop up.

If you don't have your own website, this dramatically reduces the chances that they will buy from your business. Instead, your competition will probably get the sale. By creating a website, you can give your customers all of the information that they need to choose your small business. It should provide them with a phone number, your location and a description of your basic services. If you can provide a price list, it could be the deciding factor.

Find Global Customers

Create an online catalog along with a shopping cart, and your small business could quickly go global. Instead of just marketing your product to your own town or city, you might have the opportunity to ship a product to a customer half-way around the world. In this way, you can grow your customer base much faster than you ever could by waiting for customers to walk through your doors. If you can arrange it, you can even have your suppliers ship directly to your customers. In this way, your website allows you to take your cut off the top without ever handling the inventory or spending any time on the sale. It can all be completely automated.

24-Hour Service

Let your new website offer information on your behalf whether or not you're available. A well-designed and easy-to-find website can act as your sales representative 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week. While you sleep or play, customers can find the information that they're looking for or order the products that they need directly from your website. It would be just like you had a dedicated staff working at all hours, but without the extra labor cost.

If you can supply on-line versions of product manuals, you may even be able to reduce your support staff expenses during normal hours. During off-hours, your customers will appreciate the ability to send an email so that someone can answer their harder questions during work hours. There's nothing more frustrating than to call a customer service number only to get a recording that says to call back the next day.