Technology and trends can change very quickly. This has a profound effect on websites. They can quickly become dated which can have a massively negative impact on your company. Here’s just a few reasons to make sure you’re always keeping up continuous website development..

If you’re walking down the street and see a shop front that looks old and unmaintained with dirty windows and a decorative style about 30 years out of date, what do you think? It isn’t positive things, is it? It looks unprofessional and the same thing applies to websites too. They are your online shopfront and they directly represent your business.

Businesses need to be seen as cutting edge to be credible. If your site looks like it was made in 1998 by a person with limited HTML skills then people will be turned off straight away. First of all, the site just looks like it has been inactive for years and secondly it looks ugly. Even Google, who have one of the simplest websites has made sure to keep updating their site over the years. Even though it hasn’t changed drastically, if you saw their logo back then now, its out-of-date style would look cheap. To keep looking professional, you must continue to evolve your online presence.

Along with just the look of your site, your customer’s opinion will also depend on the options available on your site. Technology has changed how people shop online and you need to keep up with the latest developments so you look good and so your customer gets the best experience possible. You should try to offer different kinds of payment options. If you’re still asking people to send in cheques, you can pretty much guarantee they will go somewhere else.

Obviously you cannot recreate the experience someone has in a shop online completely , but you can do a lot to get as close as possible. There are tools you can install on your site that allow people to get as full a look at your products as possible. A great example is one that opticians often use. They allow you to upload a picture of yourself and then place the frame you want over the top so you can see if you like them. If you can find (or even create) something similar for your product it would be a huge boost.

Another big aspect that means constant revisions of your site is that of search engine optimisation. This is essentially making sure that your site is setup so that it comes as high up as possible in search engine results. Web design can play a big part in this. Google are always updating the way they rank sites and so if you don’t keep up with them then your site could start to slip down and down. This means you will begin to lose access to a lot of potential customers. SEO isn’t the most simple of things and can take a bit of research to understand. Another option is to hire an agency to help you make your site as optimised as possible.