If you're a long time coffee drinker then you've likely gone through your fair share of machines over the past several years. In the process you have probably found some things that you really like about a particular machine in addition to some other things and even some annoyances that you can live without. On the other hand, if you're new to coffee and are looking for your first machine then you've likely become overwhelmed at the sheer number of different options that exist. Whatever stage you find yourself in, the desire to experience great coffee is something that is universal. Because of this, the search for the perfect small coffee pot is something that eludes many of us, but there is hope on the horizon with a line of coffee machines produced by the Zojirushi Corporation.

In case you've never heard of the Zojirushi brand, they are a company that has been producing high quality consumer electronics for nearly 100 years. Along the way they have built up a reputation for producing thoughtful devices that are able to stand the test of time. Because of this they have also amassed quite a loyal following of customers that swear by their products. Although coffee makers aren't the main focus of their business, they do produce a couple different models that have received praise form the coffee making public – the EC BD15 Fresh Brew Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker and the EC DAC50 Zutto 5-cup Coffee Maker. While each of these machines has received rave reviews for their ability to brew an outstanding cup of coffee, they each appeal to a slightly different consumer.

The Fresh Brew with its thermal carafe option is the perfect choice for those looking to brew for a large group of people or for those that want to enjoy several cups of coffee throughout the morning. The thermal carafe allows the brewed coffee to remain hot without becoming scorched or burned from resting on the hot plate. Apart from the carafe option, the EC BD15 also contains some advanced features like a programmable timer and an automatic shutoff feature, which can come in handy when you forget to turn off your machine. Coffee aficionados will appreciate the fact that the machine (in addition to the Zutto) can brew coffee at the proper temperature range. This means that the coffee will be extracted properly and without the bitter overtones that result from using water that is too hot.

In contrast to the Fresh Brew machine, the Zutto is meant for consumers that desire a smaller capacity machine. The Zutto is capable of brewing up to 5-cups at a time and doesn't feature a thermal carafe option, since the need to store coffee is minimized with a smaller machine. Consumers will also notice the absence of a programmable timer and auto shutoff when looking at the Zutto. However, unlike the Fresh Brew which is priced at nearly $80, the Zutto is priced closer to $60, allowing the consumer to experience the greatness of a Zojirushi coffee maker without the added expense.

Ultimately, if you're looking for a quality small coffee pot that will be around for more than a few years then you should consider purchasing one of the Zojirushi coffee makers mentioned above. After all, life is too short to be frustrated by a poor quality machine.