Opportunities Gained By the Environment

It is not a secret that businesses use matters which affect a lot of people to gain customers. When a disaster does strike, every business in the world will try to get on board and say they are helping the victims out and giving what they can. Some businesses will do this because they actually want to help, but most will do it because they know they can build up their brand image by doing so, and hopefully build their customer base at the same time.

This might be a cynical view, but in a world where so much competition exists in the marketplace, a company has to stand out, and whether that is through pricing, branding or their extensive environmental campaigns, we must look into why they do this.

Below are some opportunities which spring up due to environmental responsibility.


Brand image is everything in the business world and in most cases a bit of good marketing can make all the difference to your brand image. This is where the environment can help. If you have a good stance on trying to help the environment, or trying to keep your business from damaging it, then that type of marketing could gain you a few customers. As well as this, from doing this type of work, you can't exactly lose any customers, because no one has a problem with trying to make the world a nicer place.

People are becoming more and more environmentally aware, they want to buy products which can be put in the recycling bin, they want products which pay fair prices to those who make them and they want to be seen helping the environment in their own way. Through small marketing projects, like telling people how to recycle their water bottle, or showing the process of making the drink, to show consumers that each and every step is quality controlled and employees are working in good conditions, you can easily make your business seem more environmentally friendly.


As well as showing customers that you are a friendly company, you will also show potential investors and banks. This could mean that getting finance could be a lot easier, because they see you as a safer bet to invest in. Companies investing in you will achieve the same kind of brand image due to your friendly attitude towards the environment.

This is shown by the Co-operative Bank, who will now only invest in businesses they see aren't damaging the environment.

A recent example of the opposite is sponsors pulling out of FIFA due to their unethical business decisions. These companies want out so that they don't get painted with the same brush.


Another set of people you will impress with taking environmental issues on board is your employee base. They will see the business as one they want to work for. Having your employees on side will make them work harder, as they are more motivated, which will lead to higher efficiency, more products being made, better quality products, which in turn will lead to more sales and therefore higher profits. Which after all, for most of us, is that aim of the game. It could give employees more self-belief, because they will feel they are doing their part for the world, again helping motivation. Having a happy workforce can work wonders for a business.