A Multivitamin represents a vital part in successfully stabilizing all stages of our system. It provides the missing vitamins and minerals that our diet does not supply. In this article we will illustrate why you need a multivitamin, the difference between synthetic vitamins vs whole food vitamins, and the perfect multivitamins for anxiety.

Why We Need a Multivitamin
Why do you think you need a multivitamin? It's basic really. In our fast paced world we live in today, it's hard to acquire proper nutrition. A multivitamin will fill in the spaces of missing vitamins and minerals your diet doesn't provide. That said, it is not a replacement. Appropriate nutrition through a sensible diet is irreplaceable. If you maintain a kick butt diet, you may not need a multivitamin. But, then comes the few days you work late at the workplace and skip a couple meals. This is where the multivitamin kicks in.

Then you have specific groups of people who have very special requirements. (Ex. Anxiety suffers, pregnant women, vegans or vegetarians, aging adult etc.) Although debatable, the most necessary vitamins for anxiety sufferers are the B-vitamins, calcium, and magnesium. These should be supplemented as as well as a multivitamin, but the multivitamin will get you on the right track and the will fill in what is missing for more balance.

Synthetic Vitamins vs Whole Food Vitamins
According to Jon Barron, a nutraceutical analyst and Director of the Baseline of Health Foundation, artificial vitamins are just 50 % as successful measured to organic/whole foods vitamins. With a cheap artificial based item you may not see any results at all. I suggest absolutely eliminating artificial based vitamins entirely due to the fact that organic/wholefoods products use real fruits and vegetables as the base and is definitely the way to go. According to the study mentioned above, you would need to take two times as much of a synthetic based variety to match that of the one organic/whole foods brand.

Anytime we say whole food vitamins, we are describing vitamins made up of the micro-nutrients found in nature. The ticket here is Micro-Nutrients. These are the little boogers that are only located in nature and are key to the suitable absorption. They are entirely absent in artificial vitamins. Would like to know how micro-nutrients are able to cure the body? Watch Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead! It's a remarkable film of a guy that cures himself of an odd disease with micro-nutrients through juicing.

Best Multivitamins for Anxiety
I strongly recommend organic/whole food multivitamins for a couple of reasons. First they are a lot higher quality product than synthetic. Next, they consist of micro-nutrients, and they typically consist of a higher amount of vitamin B's per serving. Personally, I use Rainbow Light's Men's Multivitamin and they also have the women's version. For children, I recommend Garden of Life's Vitamin Code Kids.

To wrap-up, take a multivitamin due to the fact that it completes the spaces of nutrients that you're missing in your diet. Organic/whole food vitamins are a far better alternative than synthetics due to the absorption rate, micro-nutrients, and a higher load of vitamin B's. Vitamins for anxiety are very important, so I hope this guide has aided and encouraged you to try to take command of your stress and anxiety.