Among numerous reasons why sleep is good for you, the most important ones, which will surely catch your attention is the fact that sleeping the prescribed 8 hours per day will help you maintain your weight, it will improve your memory, if you are feeling depressed it can also help you in that situation, and of course having the proper amount of sleep will improve your performance in school or at work, and not only that it will help you in prevention of a whole set of different conditions, so how can sleep do all that?

Starting with the most obvious facts, that proper amount of sleep increases performance in school or at work, there is no secret why that is. During deep sleep your brain is resting and it regenerates your memory centers. So next to studying, having a good night sleep can be just as important, studies have shown that students with the proper amounts of rest had better concentration in class, and have achieved better results. These same reasons can be applied to work, only there if you are not sleeping enough you can also pose a threat to others, especially if you are driving to work, or you are doing a job where a lot of lives depend on your well performance.

As it was already said sleeping aids in recovery of your memory centers and for that reason it can also help you in retrieving things that you forgot. A good night sleep is important in prevention of various kinds of diseases and conditions. Recent studies at the university of Columbia have shown that individuals who are not getting enough of sleep have up to 60% chances of having high blood pressure problems, and around 50% chances of developing diabetes. Another study at the London University has shown that if you are not sleeping enough as a child, you have higher chances that you will develop depression later on in life.

I bet you are now wondering how can sleeping possibly help with weight control, well apparently it can. Sleeping is important because it regulates the levels of bowel hormone called ghrelin and leptin which are responsible for our appetite and our feeling of fullness respectively. Higher levels of ghrelin make food more attractive to us, while high levels of leptin are telling us to stop eating when we are full. Not having enough sleep cause our levels of ghrelin to go up, and leptin down, so we are eating even if our body doesn't need the food.

There is probably a lot more good reasons why sleep is good for us, so if you are an adult make sure that you sleep the recommended 8 hours each day, children should sleep even more, over 11 hours per day. Sleep can be very beneficial so make sure you have it enough.