Most of the forums that are specialized in IT have got a new favorite topic: netbooks vs. laptops. The opinions are many and they differ drastically, as each person`s experience is different. However, this is a delicate subject and people obviously need to have good, straight arguments to help them decide what is best for them: a netbook or a laptop.

After researching for all the data I needed, I drew the line and this is what I`ve come up to: netbooks win over laptops. It is true that laptops are more powerful, they can multitask and, generally, allow you to do more complicated things than a netbook, but the issue here is: who actually NEEDS all that? The truth is that most people use their computer for browsing the web, shopping online, chatting, watching movies and playing games. And that`s exactly what a netbook is best at. Here you can find more about what is a netbook .

First of all, you've got the speed an average laptop will never have. A netbook gets you connected to the internet right away and doesn't make you wait uselessly while loading the sites you want to access. More to that, it has enough storage space to save all the data you want.

Then there`s the size. A laptop is 14 to 20 inches, while a netbook goes as low as 7 inches, but you can also find models that have a 12 inch screen. So it's all up to you to choose the size that suits you best. The point is that a netbook, compared to a laptop, fits everywhere you want to. You don`t have to carry a big case, that is quite heavy itself, so you can carry your computer. Now you can put it in a brief case, in a medium-sized bag and even in a school-bag.

If the size is an advantage, then you should try comparing their weight. A netbook weighs as little as 2.9 lbs., which is far less than an average laptop. You can test this at home by yourselves. Pick up your laptop and think whether a child or an elderly person could lift it or carry it. It would be quite hard to do so. A netbook is as light is it can be and is easy to lug around without any discomfort.

Another plus for the netbook is the battery. The average 3-4 cell battery is enough to keep you connected for up to 5 hours of web browsing and gaming. Now you can also buy the improved model with a 6 cell battery that lasts for 8 hours without charging.

So, as a conclusion, netbooks are just smaller and more mobile relatives of laptops. They're better for those traveling a lot and in need in portability, but are less powerful than regular notebooks. But they are also a lot more affordable.