The game of basketball is definitely not an easy game. The professionals in the NBA make it look easy but it's really a tough game. It's hard to score and fans know this is how you can win your games. Your team has to have more points at the end of the game.

This article will explain significance of the shot in basketball.

Scenario: You can only score next to the hoop.

In this situation you are limiting your options. You have to drive every time you want to score. On a basketball game of five vs. five you have to get past at least three defenders to get to the hoop. In the NBA playoff games, the other team would not allow this and as you drive to the hoop they'll come and hit you hard before you get to the hoop.

Scenario 2: You can score from 18 feet and next to the hoop.

In this situation you can actually do a pump fake and then drive to the hoop. If the center starts to move towards you, then go ahead and dish the ball to your center for the dunk or easy lay in. If a player on the wing starts to move towards you, get the ball to your teammate, the man he was guarding and give him an opportunity with a high percentage shot. Also if your defender leaves you open you can score from 18 feet. Show your defender the mistake that he left you open by shooting the ball and making the shot. He or she will look really foolish for leaving you wide open.


If you had to drive to the hoop every time you had to score you would expend a lot of energy. You would be sweating a lot by the first 10 minutes. If you can get your 2 points from 18 feet then you would save a lot of energy. You would get the same 2 points if you scored from 4 feet from the basket so why not develop a shot?

Real Life Examples

The basketball players in the nba play many basketball games. It is their job. There are several examples of players who felt a shot is important.

1. Dwight Howard started his first several seasons with the dunk or layup as his offensive options. He started to realize the importance of a shot and took a summer developing his close range shot.

2. Lebron James went into the 2007 Finals game without a reliable 3-point shot and came out without a championship ring. He went on to develop a 3-point shot.

3. During the 2009-2010 NBA season, The San Antonio Spurs did not have many reliable 3-point shooters. During the summer Richard Jefferson worked on his 3-point shot and the Spurs nearly received the highest win-loss record for the season.