Importance of hair for women

Hair has always been a decisive factor in women’s personality. It is always embarrassing for women to loose at least one thing that they feel make them most attractive and that is Hair. From lady Godiva to the Breck Girl, Farah Fawett to Jenifer Ariston, there is no question that it is their glowing, fresh and radiant hair that makes them stand out of the crowd. A full, healthy head of hair is associated with youth, success, confidence and beauty.

 Because of the effects that balding can have on women’s confidence, morality, personality, life and ego most of the women panic at even the thought of losing a few hairs with each Shampoo?

 While on the one hand, hair decides the confidence and morality and personality of women’s life on the other hand this has also been imperative that in western countries particularly in the US hair loss has emerged as one of the most important concerns for doctors as well as patients. 

What expert has to say about hair loss in women?

 According to a report from United States department of Dermatolozy around 30 million women in the US are somehow affected of hair loss. This article is an attempt to provide useful and relevant information about hair loss in women and its treatment. So let us start with the causes of hair loss and how take appropriate steps to curb them down.

 Depression and Stress are one of the most important causes of hair loss in women. This is because women are actually more prone to stress and depression than men and the hormonal imbalance caused due to this stress leads to various body transformation which can express itself in the form of hair-loss.

 Reasons of hair loss and methods to resolve hair loss problems

 Avoid Depression

Since women are emotionally more vulnerable it is advisable that they should adopt a life style which can keep them away from depression, stress and anxiety. According to experts women should seek ways to express their emotions like writing, playing, singing dancing, doing physical exercises and even crying. All these activities unburden their body of unnecessary repressed emotions and help them maintaining a hormonal balance in the body. Studies show that even sexual intercourse acts as a complete physical exercise and get them relief from anxiety and stress.

 Have healthy and complete diet

 However, it is not always depression and stress that causes hair loss in women rather incomplete diet that do not contain enough vitamins, minerals and fibers, particularly during her menstrual-cycle or during menopause also cause hair loss in women. This is why a complete nutritious and healthy diet is crucial to prevent hair loss in women. According to experts a healthy diet should contain all the basic constituents like Carbohydrates, Proteins, Vitamins, minerals and fibers.


To achieve this, woman should have a diet containing green-leafy vegetables, fresh and seasonal fruits, Iron-containing food stuffs and should drink a lot of water. Women are advised to take high Iron containing diets particularly during their menstrual-cycle. Iron is necessary because it regulates the concentration of oxygen inside the body which helps in proper circulation of nutrition and proper functioning of the body. If they can’t get enough amount of oxygen from food-stuff they should take it from iron containing tablets and capsules or Iron-containing food supplements after consulting their doctors.


Proper Medication


Besides, depression and inadequate nutrition, Medication are also a major cause of hair loss. Birth-control pills, blood pressure control medications, and certain opium and tranquilizers are also likely to cause hair loss. However such kind of hair loss ceases once these medications are stopped.


Check your Thyroid Hormone level


Now, a days Thyroid disorders has also emerged as one of the most notorious culprit for hair loss. Thyroid hormone is an essential hormone secreted by Thyroid gland of the body. This hormone regulates various metabolic activities of the body. Hypo(less) and hyper (more) secretion of this secretion both adversely affect the hormonal balance of the body and when your body isn’t functioning the way it should, hair loss is a natural response to this abnormal situation.

 Avoid Excessive shampoo & cosmetics

 Excessive shampooing and use of cosmetics are also partially to blame for hair loss. Staying green or natural also can help you a lot in keeping hair fresh, radiant and glowing. To stay green or natural excessive use of shampoo and cosmetics should be avoided. Women are advised not to use their head and hair as an experimental lab by using each and ever hair-care products that rolls in to the market, rather they are advised to visit spa regularly and get some natural treatment there. This adds a lot to the vitality of your hair.

 No worry if hair loss is due to pregnancy

 Many women, during pregnancy experience a phenomenon whereby their hair begins to fall out in clumps. The main problem about this is that doctors could not decide whether it is worth giving anti hair loss drugs in such time as it may adversely affect the baby inside the mother’s womb. However women will find that once a baby is born and the chemical balance in body returns to normal, the symptom of hair loss will subside entirely.

 Consult your doctor after chemotherapy

 When someone undergoes chemotherapy treatment, the side effect can express itself as a hair loss. Because of the very nature of the treatment, the enzymes and naturally occurring chemicals in the body (such as Biotin) are thrown out of the balance, and therefore new hair production becomes impossible during chemotherapy. However normal head full of hair will restore once this treatment comes to an end. As far as solution to this hair loss is concerned using a wig can help them a lot.

 Take care of infectious agents

 A number of infectious agents and infection-related conditions can contribute to hair loss. One of them is infections due to ringworm infection. Ringworm infection is a fungal infection that can occur on the scalp of the body and can cause patches of hair loss and is known as “linea-capitis” such kind of hair loss can be prevented by using antifungal agents like “Grisofulvin”.


When this drug is applied on the skin it gradually accumulates in the skin and hair and consequently blocks the fungus from infecting the “Keratin” (an important proteinous layer of hair). Besides these there are some auto-immune disorders like Alopecia-areata which can cause hair loss. Alopecia-areata is an autoimmune disorder in which the body attacks its own hair follicles and suppresses or stops hair growth. Such kind of hair loss can be prevented by taking Steroid after proper consultation of your doctors.

 Hair loss and transplantation of hairs

 Finally, if nothing works then hair transplantation is the ultimate option for hair loss. In hair transplantation healthy hair from certain part of the scalp are harvested and are then fixed or transplanted into the region where hair loss has occurred. Hair transplantation results in extremely natural appearing hair.

No doubt hair loss in women has emerged as one of the most serious concerns for both doctors and patients, though it is not unavoidable, if you have proper knowledge about the cause of the same and you are willing to modify your life-style a bit and taking appropriate medications as per the need will help you a lot in curbing down this hair loss problem.