Who wouldn't want one,when you know a little bit about how it's built, Google the biggest internet company in the world developed the Android phone and partnered up with a company called High Tech to build a G1 Cell Phone, the G1 cell phone runs off of the first Android platform and has it's own operating system and platform. There is one significant difference with the Android cell phone, it runs off of a Java script language that is ran by a Linux operating system, is a basic doorway passage for the open source software.

When the Android cell phone is used, it utilizes the internet through it's web kit, the Android phone uses the Web kit to power its G1 Lite Browser. The Android cell phone can utilize a variety of applications at the same time and in the background of the cell phone, building upon the multitasking function.

One very positive aspect of the Android cell phone is that the Android phone isn't tied to any one manufacturer; any manufacturer can produce their version of the Android phone. Companies like Sprint, Verizon, AT & T, T-Mobile have produced their version of the Android phone.

With so many applications to choose from for your Android phone, we thought would give you list of the most popular to the most usable.

Top Leading Applications for Android Phones with 5 Star Rating:

Alchemy –

ADW Launcher –

ROM Manager –

Barcode Scanner –

Advanced Task Killer –

Google Maps –

Pandora Radio -

Types of application available for Android Phones;

You can find many types of applications some for free, other for a minimal price, there are travel, health, shopping, sports, social, adult, news & weather, finance, lifestyle. There is an application for pretty much anything imaginable.

I will list my favorite Android Phone Applications below:

Smart Grocery:

When it comes grocery shopping, the Android phone has an application that will help you create your shopping list, set up for maintaining multiple shopping list, be able to add categories, add new groceries, and comes in English or Swedish, also you can send list in text messaging.

Doctor Appointment Organizer;

I always have a time of it remembering my doctor's appointments, this Android phone application helps you organize, plan and record your doctor's appointments.

Weight Journal:

What a concept, to be able to track your weight and BMI (Body Mass Index), be able to keep notes, setting up alarms or reminders, sending reports over to your doctor to review, cool graphs, and perform backups.

ProOnGo Expense:

This little application for the Android phone makes storing and managing your expenses easier, takes a picture of your receipt, and then the app extracts the dollar amount to expense report. Then export these reports to excel file, QuickBooks file.

Golfshot: Golf GPS

Another awesome application for the Android phone, no sense having a GPS and a cell phone, this little app has over 35,000 + mapped out courses, aerial view - distances to any point, tracks distances, handicap calculator, keeps score for foursome, PGA Tour quality stats, fairways %, GIR, Scrambling, Sand Saves, Putting, Scoring Averages.

Poynt - Send me in the Right Direction

Dinner? Movies? Friends? Shopping? Get Poynt and get there. Poynt is an award-winning local search app that lets you find businesses, movies, retailers, restaurants and people near you and gives you the tools to connect with them –place a call, browse a website, get directions, buy movie tickets or book dinner reservations.

GPSTracker Lite:

The GPST is a lightweight, easy to use GPS route tracker, recorder and analyzer. The program provides extensive information on the current situation: e.g. speed, coordinates, etc., and provides graphical statistics: speed changes, altitude changes, map, etc.


MobileOrg is an open source application for storing, viewing and editing your Org-mode files. MobileOrg works offline. Although you may not always be online, you can always access your data. You can even capture notes while offline and sync the next time you have connectivity.

So you can see that whatever type of application you need, the Android phone pretty much has it, some come with a price, and others are absolutely free.

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