We have all heard the phrase that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. There are many benefits to why eating apples is good for you and a daily apple can benefit your health greatly.

An apple is loaded with fiber. There are two types of fiber that it contains; soluble and insoluble. An increase in fiber in your diet has shown to decrease the risk of developing colon cancer. The soluble fiber comes in the form of pectin. Now what is pectin you may ask? Pectin is a complex carbohydrate found in the cell walls of plants. When your apples are ripe and have a crisp texture when you bite into them, that is because of the presence of pectin in the apple. Pectin regulates your digestive system and also plays a role in lowering your cholesterol. By lowering your cholesterol, you reduce the risk for heart disease and clot build up. Apples are very good for your heart. Apples also contain a great amount of Vitamin C which is used to aid the immune system.

Insoluble fiber helps us regulate our digestive tract. Eating the skin of the apple will help us get more insoluble fiber in our diet from eating an apple. It keeps our digestive tract moving by providing bulk. Much of the flavor and smell come from the skin of the apple also.

The skin also contains flavonoids which give apples their color. Most flavonoids are anti-oxidants. One flavonoid that is prevalent in apples is Quercitin. Quercitin is shown to increase brain cell activity and also destroy cancer cells. So eat fresh apples instead of apple sauce or apple juice since the quercitin lies in the skin of the apple.

If you are dieting it would be a great idea to start incorporating apples into your diet instead of that bad of Doritos. The high fiber content helps you feel fuller faster with minimal calories.

Apples comes in all types from the very sweet to the very bland. Granny Smith to Red Delicious, take your choice. The health benefits of eating an apple are all the reasons to start today!

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