Is it just me or have forex trading courses just exploded online lately? It's become so bad that I even saw a course being advertised in my local newspaper recently – and I don't live in a major centre either so that was doubly surprising. It is an indication of just how popular forex is amongst the average population who want to make extra money, and also amongst entrepreneurs who are looking to deliver a product to an audience hungry for information.

It's probably not just a recent thing, and I probably am just being paranoid on reflection, but that does not mean I don't have a point. There are free forex courses, trading courses you can pay for (and keep paying too), courses you can do at home, courses you can go away and do – the variety is stunning. My favourite thing about these courses though is how they all market themselves as the best, the only course delivering 2000% profits to people who have taken it, the course that taught a granny in Ohio to trade forex so well she went from a $250 account to $250 million in 6 weeks – I think you get the picture.

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When you do take a course (and you probably will – just because it's a good idea) remember to look for value, not hype, look for something that suits your personality, don't look for weird looking graphs and pretty coloured lines and think that the people that drew them must know what they are talking about – they probably do, but they might not – and do you want to spend your money finding out for yourself? Well I can tell you I don't.

So when it came time for me to bite the bullet and invest in a forex trading course – and I did, after a long time reading lots and lots of forum posts, books etc and finding a strategy that I liked the sound of, looked into it some more, then found someone who was teaching it for free, then decided it would be quicker if I bought my way into a course that just taught the same thing to me but quicker. That's a long sentence, but that was how I came to the course that I ended up buying.

Not all forex trading courses are good – in fact a lot of them are plain ordinary and just confuse me. There are so many courses around because there are so many different ways to trade forex, and only you can know the best way for you to trade. Have a look around at as much free information as you can before you make your choice though – once you do you will know what to look for in a forex course when you are ready to invest your money in one. Enjoy!