It seems like our lives today are field with all material things and that you can seldom find people who simply stick to the basics. By basic living I meant those people whose lives are comfortable even without so much material things. If you stop and take a look at your life, you will realize that we all have stuffs that we like to keep. Material things we don’t even need or know that we have in the first place. So how can you get rid of this clutter in your life? How come we find it so hard to clean up this mess that we ourselves created?

There are many reasons why we can’t easily clean our own clutter. In fact, there are many people who are suffering the same dilemma. I myself have the same issue, I mean, let’s face it. Cleaning is not an easy task to do especially when you’re always out and about like myself, it will take a lot of time before I can manage to clean up my own clutter. By talking to other people, here are some things that I found out why we can’t always clean up our own clutter right away:

  • Always tired – it seems like there are so many things we need to do yet we don’t always have the time. And even if we have the time, were always tired. With our different work and lifestyles, it’s easily to get tired these days. I have the same issue when it comes to this. Whenever I have the whole weekend for myself, I find myself waking up late on Saturday mornings when I could’ve woken up early and do some cleaning. I have an issue with being tired all the time too. No matter how much rest I take, I still feel undercharged. So as a result, I can’t clean up my own clutter right away.
  • Lack of motivation – don’t get me wrong, I like to clean my house. But sometimes, I don’t have the motivation for doing this. Maybe because I seldom have visitors and that I have gotten used to living alone. This is why I don’t often clean my house. But of course, there are times when I feel like my house needs a retouch too.
  • Procrastination – I call procrastination as people’s favorite past time. I am guilty of this too. Sometimes, I set aside the things that I can do at the moment and wait for tomorrow. Eventually, I end up doing the same thing all over again! I am sure that I am not the only one experiencing this. There are definitely some full time procrastinators out there who instead of cleaning clutter, they set it aside and do other unimportant things.
  • Always a busy bee – the lifestyle of people these days have changed drastically. It seems like they are always on the go and busy doing things. One person I know ran errands even on his day off! How crazy is that, right? It seems like everyone is on the go and doing something. So cleaning clutter becomes a less priority.
  • Sentimental value – another good reason why people don’t easily clean up clutter is because some of these things have a sentimental value. It could be because these things remind them of happy thoughts and memories that they can’t easily let go. So as a result, clutter stays in their place and built up overtime. Before they know it, it’s even harder to clean this mess.

I am sure there are many reasons why we can’t always clean our clutter right away. But if we push ourselves to get rid of our clutter, I’m sure it will be done. As for me, I am trying to clean every once in a while too. If I don’t do it then no one will do it for me.