I grew up using Microsoft Windows as my operating system, but now I am shifting to Ubuntu. Most people think that it is not powerful because it is free. But the truth is different. Below are few reasons you would choose Ubuntu as your second operating system.

#1 Free OS

If you’re upgrading to Windows 8 from Windows 7, it would cost you about $119 to 199 depending upon what version you are choosing to but. That means you have to own Windows 7 and then buy Windows 8 as a PAID Update . For many people this amount is not enough for what they use their computer for. Ubuntu has been free for over 8 years and it always will be FREE

#2 Software

Like other operating systems Ubuntu has tons of apps. It comes with a pre-loaded "Open Office". "Software Center" is right in and will let you can get tons of free as well as paid apps. The quality of apps is not as good when compared to other OS but anyway you can always try free once.

#3 Virus-Free

Life's too short to spend it worrying about viruses. And its true. Linux is free from all virus and comes with built-in security, which means you don’t have to buy any antivirus to protect and ultimately slows down your PC. Thus Ubuntu provides better performance.

#4 Faster Performance

Ubuntu runs very faster and does not demand high specs hardware. No matter if it is a old PC or a new one, even the latest version of Ubuntu will run smoothly on your PC.

#5 Community Support

Ubuntu means humanity to others. It has a very large community, which can help you with any questions within one day like they helped me.

#6 Easy to Use

Ubuntu is a user-friendly yet stylish operating system. It did take me some time to get used to it because I was using Windows for many years.

#7 Updates Every Six Months

In every 6 months a new version with new service packs is released. Computer automatically detect the update and prompts you to download it. No reboot required after updating. In 8 years of its existence, 17 versions are released.

#8 Free Cloud Storage

Like many other OS Ubuntu does offer Cloud storage called "Ubuntu One". It offers you 5 GB of free online storage.

#9 Social Integration

Many social apps like Twitter, Facebook and many other are built right in it. Skype is also available.

#10 Stylish User Interface

Ubuntu has a many cool customizable theme’s and comes with a stunning user deal with easy-to-navigate desktop.

Get Ubuntu now! And Join the fun