It’s not just enough to cuddle your puppy or carry it with you everywhere you go, that won’t protect it from all harm’s way. The cute little things they are, puppies need more than cuddling and carrying about. They need to be vaccinated to protect them from getting infected or dying from some of the deadliest puppy killer diseases such as Parvovirus and Distemper. It’s very important to vaccinate your puppy when it’s due for vaccination.



When a puppy is born, at that tender age, the puppy’s little body will be unable to produce antibodies that can help it fight against diseases and illness. All the help it needs is what it gets from its mother’s milk in the form Colostrum. But it so happens that its antibody level begins to drop to (half) every nine days as the puppy grows. So, to keep the puppy safe and help it fight against diseases and every other form of illness it needs to be vaccinated.   



If you really love your cute little puppy and you don’t want to watch it die of sudden illness then you need to vaccinate it as soon it’s due for vaccination as this will help it’s body to fight the diseases that could hinder it’s growth from the tender age to the point it becomes a big dog you can carry about with you everywhere you go. You can take the puppy to the Vet doctor who will take proper steps in administering the vaccination of your puppy. Do not attempt to vaccinate the puppy yourself if you are not a trained personnel in that field.



Make sure you take the puppy to the vet doctor if you notice any side effect or negative reaction of the drug on the puppy after the vaccination. Make sure you keep the puppy in a warm and cozy place after the vaccination and let it rest from the hurting pains as it will help the puppy heal a lot faster. Puppy vaccinations are usually given to them every nine days interval. Be sure to take them to the vet doctor for the vaccination when the time is due.