Why do men need a shed?Studies have shown that it helps to improve their health. We spend most of our working life busy working from early in the morning and often until late in the evening.Then for no apparent reason we are suddenly thrown a curve and retrenched or have to retire.


They may not have kept up with technology in their work or the actual work position has been altered.




Work would have consumed most of their working life; therefore they have not had the time or the inclination to find other hobbies or interests to fill their time now they are in retirement. And do not forget there is less money to buy the things and comforts they are used to.







For whatever reason they are left wondering where they went wrong. If men are still active they feel as though they have been discarded and feel useless or unwanted. They are at a loss to understand what they can do especially if they were made redundant and not unemployed from choice.




This often causes problems in the home.The wife is suddenly faced with the man in her life underfoot every day.She is used to planning her daily activities, without having to worry about anyone else.Now she has to rethink.If she goes out for lunch and leaves the husband home, she will feel guilty if she goes out and leaves him home alone.




Yes, he may say, "I'm okay, you go and enjoy yourself."




Like him she is not selfish by nature, so she declines the invitation.This may be okay now and then, although in all honesty it will soon wear thin.And that is where the guilt starts to come in.




Everyone needs an interest or hobby.The wife can carry on doing the housework, knitting, or crochet or going for a coffee with the girls.Men have the same needs; they want to feel useful and active too. No one wants to end up on the rubbish heap before their time.




It is a known fact that women cope better health wise in retirement than men.I have not found an appropriate answer as to why, (sorry). Women will visit their doctors more often, where men are more reluctant to. If men continue to avoid medical visits to their doctors their ailments may not be diagnosed as easily as those of women, which will delay treatments.




Benefits of men having a shed








That is where the shed comes in. Men that have a shed in their back yard have a place to do what they want. Whether it entails fixing the reticulation, tinkering with the lawnmower bits and pieces or just a place where they are the master of their own domain.




They can invite their neighbors over for a chat and it gives them somewhere to talk over old times and reminisce with fellow workers or anyone who cares to listen. They can share their health problems with someone other than the wife.


Men often have a little beer fridge or even a dart board in their shed.They may have a hobby like tinkering with old cars. Or making wood toys, lead lighting, or they may have started collecting rocks or shells and keep busy in this way.




Whatever they do it helps to keep them active.They may plan to take a trip.Therefore they need a shed to organize the vehicle and the tools and maybe get the caravan out of hibernation. Activity is the reason that a man needs his shed.He needs to think and make decisions that only a man can make in his own shed.


Build or buy a shed


Therefore if your man does not have one then now is the time to go out and buy him a shed. Or at least organize to have one built for him, although I would advise you to let him decide how big it is and want he want to put in it after all this will be his shed only.




In conclusion







If you are thinking of downsizing and selling your house after you retire. Think about making sure that the hubby has his backyard shed to be his own boss in too.




Have you ever seen that old add on TV where there are (I think) four houses and they each have a shed in the adjoining corners of their blocks?When no one is around all fun and games happen.Then if someone comes to visit the pool table turns over and other things disappear from sight and they all look busy working on something.As soon as the visitor leaves, out comes the stubbies and the action recommences.It was a great ad and that was what life is all about.Having fun and enjoying our lives.