Depressed GirlWhy do some people get depressed during the Christmas holidays, while others seem to make it the happiest time in their lives? Why do the holidays stress some people out, and other people seem to not have a care in the world? The "silly season" affects people differently according to the circumstances they are in and what happened in their past.

Depression Made Worse


If a person is depressed to start with, the Christmas season can make it worse. For instance, if a person is feeling low, do they really want to see all the ads on television that show jolly people, jingle bells and bright colors? If a person is really depressed, they probably don't want to go to the store, either. They would see all the Christmas stuff, like sparkling Christmas trees, decorations, and kids running everywhere.


Depressed people may not understand the peace that Christmas is supposed to bring, because they are not at peace with themselves. It is hard to be spirited about anything, let alone Christmas, if you have depression.


Causing Depression


People who are not generally depressed during the rest of the year may be depressed during the Christmas holidays due to past experiences. People who have lost loved ones during the year find it hard to celebrate without the ones that are usually around during the holidays. Sometimes, people get depressed because they have lost loved ones in prior years during the holidays, so the holidays are a reminder of their loss.




Once again, people who are stressed out anyway, find the holidays even more stressful. It adds more responsibilities, such as decorating and shopping. If you have children, all of that is just compounded.


Causing Stress


The Christmas holidays can cause stress in people who are not normally stressed out any other time during the year. For instance, planning a Christmas party for a large number of people can be stressful. Decorating is an added stress. Depending on the number of people you have to buy gifts for, shopping can be very stressful, especially in a big crowd.


What can you do to Prevent Depression during the Christmas Holidays?


One thing you can do to prevent depression during the holidays is to volunteer to help others. You'll think about your own problems less if you are helping those who are less fortunate.


·Help serve in a soup line at a shelter.


·Adopt a family and make their Christmas better.


·Adopt a soldier and send gifts overseas.


·Start making gifts a few months before Christmas - it will keep you busy before the holidays get here so you won't have time to get depressed. Most people appreciate homemade gifts more than ones you buy.


·Get involved in baking and decorating.


What can you do to Prevent Stress during the Christmas Holidays?


·Make lists, lists and more lists. Staying organized is one of the keys in preventing stress. Make a list of all the people you are buying a gift for. Make a list of the things you have to do to get ready for a dinner or a party.


·Starting at the beginning of the year, put aside a set amount of money each payday to spend at Christmas. This will prevent having to pay back credit cards and getting behind on bills because you spent too much for Christmas.


·Start shopping early. By the time Christmas gets here, you will have it done. You can even buy one or two gifts a month and set them aside for Christmas.


·Anytime you are out shopping during the year and you spot something on sale that would make a good gift, buy it and put it up for Christmas.


·Buy several small gifts ahead of time in case you need a last minute gift for someone.