Many parents that discover they have a teenager that drinks always ask, why? Generally the only person that can answer that question for you is your teenager. Teenagers are young adults. They may appear to be adults in their appearance but many times they are caught between two worlds. They are children but they are adults. Depending upon the day, time or situation they may make different decisions. They know right from wrong and which way they will turn depends on them.

You teach children values, morals and right from wrong. Society teaches right from wrong with laws that surround who can purchase and drink alcohol. Tools are provided to teenagers to make the correct decision when they need to. Some will and some won’t. Why do teenagers drink alcohol? There is no direct or simple answer to the question. However, there are some general answers that many teens have provided as to why they drink and those are shared here.

  • Parents set an example

Numerous teens have answered because their parents do. If you are a parent that drinks alcohol, consider yourself leading by example. Do you drink alcohol around your children? Do you drink and drive? Do you tell your children you need a drink to relax or have a good time? Believe it or not, this may be one of the times that they are listening when you wish they weren’t.


  • Peer pressure

Peer pressure can lead teenagers to do just about anything. One of those things is drinking. Drinking is advertised on billboards, in stores, on television and all around them. They may feel that drinking isn’t “that bad”; it’s not really a drug. With peer pressure they will attempt to justify drinking with many of these things. Everyone else is doing it, why shouldn’t they?


  • Availability

Alcohol is one of the adult things that are very available. They can locate it in their house if their parents drink. They may have older friends that are able to purchase it. They may go to parties where it is served. It’s very available and because of this the availability the chances of drinking increase.


  • Curiosity

Curiosity killed the cat. Many teenagers are curious. This is the time when they are in the mind of a child. Does it make your day better after you have had a hard day? What does it taste like? It looks like a cherry coke, does it taste like one? They are curious and with the availability of it, they will try it. If they like it, they will continue with drinking.


Why teenagers drink cannot be answered easily or quickly. Talk with your children about alcohol. Stress the dangers that drinking is associated with and can lead to. Don’t hold back. Be as truthful as possible so they understand what a serious matter drinking is.