Most people who suffer from anxiety or Panic Attack react in different ways. Their reaction may be due to many factors. Previous life incidents would have had an impact on their mind and they way to react to perceived danger. One of the reasons why people react and lose control is the sudden and intense fear that they feel. Some sufferers have said that they felt alone and felt as if they were going to die. Fortunately, most people who suffer panic attacks are able to gain composure within 15 to 30 minutes of the incident. Why do people cry after suffering a bout of panic attack? Do women and men react differently to panic attacks?

To understand this, you need to observe the reaction of small children or toddlers. If a child falls and you were to scream, the child will feel intense fear and will be quiet for a fraction of a second. All of a sudden the child will burst into tears and scream his lungs out. Crying after panic attack is a way that the body reacts to stress and fear. Tears will allow the body to evacuate the stress and regain composure. The same thing can be experienced by people who survive a car accident. They will try to free themselves from the wreckage and run for cover. Their survival instinct will get them going until they feel they are out of harm's way. They might start to cry after the initial shock is over. The tears the survivors shed might be due to the fact that they realize that death was really close. The same thing happens when people receive news of the death of a loved one. The immediate reaction is fear and confusion. Once the initial shock is over, people cry and express sorrow as a way to deal with the fear and sadness they felt.

Crying and Culture

In some culture, it is undignified to cry in public. Men are not supposed to cry, but women and children are not seen in the same light. Some think that it is a sign of weakness for men to cry. In some culture an exception is made if a close relative or a friend dies. Nevertheless, grief is meant to be controlled and reserved for intimate context. However, times have changed and men cry just as much as women. Men only hide it when it comes to watching romantic movies. It will be too embarrassing for a man to ask his girlfriend for tissue during a sad movie scene.

Panic Attacks and Men

Contrary to popular beliefs, panic attack is not only something women experience. Men have also been subject to panic attacks. Instead of crying, men might deal with the fear and confusion in a different way. For example, they might go into a quiet mode and refuse to talk about it. They might cry when they are finally alone because of the sense of helplessness they might have felt during the attack. Others might not cry but they might become irritable and angry. Some men might feel a sense of shame that they have been unable to control a seemingly easy situation.

There is no reason to be ashamed to cry after suffering a panic attack. It is your body's natural response to intense fear and feeling of danger.