I love affiliate marketing ever since I first started learning about it years ago, but I must admit it has been a hard learning curve to get where I am at today. After having bought many e-books thinking that was the way to learn how to become a successful affiliate marketer, I was very close to giving up.

You could very well say I was on complete information overload and as a result I started to become paralyzed, thinking there was a secret nobody really wanted to share, and that maybe this business was not right for me.

However, I hung in there, I kept trying different methods and things slowly started to pick up, but still the return I got for the time I was putting in was well below the minimum hourly wage.

I decided I had to take a closer look at what I was really spending my time on, and what things I should dedicate to more, cutting out on time wasting programs and tasks I was doing everyday.

I finally grew wise and started to treat my job as a real business.

Instead of dedicating a lot of hours to submitting manually to different directories to get my website out there online, I decided I had to automate several tasks so I could start working faster. Because sincerely, spending a whole day submitting to directories manually really is not the most things to do, and many people soon give up, getting completely bored when they don’t see fast results.

This is probably one of the biggest reasons so many people fail in affiliate marketing and give up without even giving themselves a real shot at the bigger money, without even realizing it!

You have to automate as many daily task possible so you can work faster and more dedicated, getting more links to your site and more authority in the search engines. I am referring here especially to directory submission and article directory submission.

Did you know there is software available that will let you submit to hundreds if not thousands of directories without having to fill in all the details of your website over and over again?

I will tell you more about the software I am now using in a future post, because I want to stress another mistake many people make when trying to make a buck online.

Not treating this as a business creates another mistake many make when first coming to affiliate marketing, which is not having their own websites. Nowadays getting your own website is fairly cheap and you should look at it as the foundation of your business. Owning your own domain has many advantages over free websites, since you will always have all control plus you can eventually sell your domain if you choose not to renew it anymore.

Investing in domains and websites, amplifying your portfolio is never money thrown away. Even if you hardly do anything with your domain, when it starts aging, its value go up because search engines prefer aged domains to new ones. Think about that!

And then the third biggest mistake too many affiliates make is that they try cold selling without preparing their visitor. When I say preparing, I mean to say that many try themselves selling the product they are marketing so when they do achieve sending their hard earned traffic off to the final product page, the visitor will feel like something is being sold again to them and will run away instead of actually going through with the sale.

If you want to become a success, treat your work as a real Business!