In modern times information flows at break neck speed to everyone all over the world within second’s people will look at the information at up to the minute pace. The problem that most people are unaware is that at times the information that is given to anyone falls in two categories.

The first category of information are, those followed up by facts which can be checked for authenticity. The second categories of information are that are not followed up by truths but are those followed up by hear says, stereotypes and propaganda.

Unfortunately the second category of information is the one that is most marketed by the Mainstream Media. They will market this because they know that most people will believe what they hear and see even though they will not find out whether the information is real or propaganda. It is much easier to sit and have them telling you what is the truth which most of the time is one sided and benefits the MSM.

Why Muslims are considered terrorists? It is because the media says so. That is the only reason. In order to keep people afraid because fear is a powerful motivator and when a person is afraid they will naturally look for someone to provide a sense of security. Politicians know this which is why they keep feeding the fire of terrorism so that they can easily control the masses without the masses knowing. It is all psychological in order for people to give up their freedoms we must have a bad guy. In the 20th century it was the Soviet Union. Since the fall of the USSR we could no longer use them as a scape goat and hence Osama Bin Laden was born. To think that one man can control all of these so called terrorists all over the world from a cave is beyond me.

Islam just like Christianity and Judaism are all beautiful religions. They all preach of unity and brotherhood and of an existence of a higher being.

Unfortunately Muslims are stereotype as Terrorists in movies, news etc they are the new bogey man until something or someone else comes along to be made a bad guy. People need to research Islam read about their history and do it with no biases. You must look at both sides of the story and I believe if you do that you will understand and see through the propaganda the MSM is churning out to keep you in fear.

I had a great opportunity in living in NYC where I met many different people from many different cultures. Many of these people were Muslims who came here to live a better life and have a shot of the American Dream. They just want a chance to live their life in America and not be treated as criminals.

In the end we must learn not to take things at face value but to look further into the problem. The problem is not why are Muslims Terrorists but why the MSM is putting so much emphasis into making these innocent people out to be monsters when they are not.

So please stop believing the hype and come to your own conclusions. Read about it!