What's so special about these vampires then?

Having seen all three films that have been released so far, I can see why people are fans of The Twilight Saga. The books are well written and have been super successful commercially. Their success mirrors that of the Harry Potter stories, in that both were rejected by publishers many times over, before one publisher finally saw what should have been obvious and snapped them up.

The Twilight films do have a decent mix of love triangle, story plot, suspense and a hint of horror. The films move at a decent pace. I think the best installment is the first film. The second, 'New Moon' is a touch on the depressing side for my liking, although that's not to say it isn't a half decent film.

There are plenty of classical story elements at play; forbidden love and good versus evil to name but two.

Its obvious why some of the ladies are fans, with now big name stars such as Robert Pattinson putting in very decent performances. He's one actor that will surely go on to plenty of other big roles once the Twilight Saga has ended.

The love triangle theme between Edward, Jacob and Bella takes many twists and turns,and the saga seems set to reach a fantastic climax with the release of the first installment of Breaking Dawn, with the final installment set to follow probably a year later.

The vampire effects of the films so far have been fantastic. Super fast running, amazing leaping and stunning fighting all make for great vampire entertainment. The sight of one vampire cracking another like a hollow statue really is amazing, the ground cracking with the sheer brute force as they desperately try to kill each other.

Will the fourth installment (divided into two Films) measure up to the success of the first three? Its a pretty safe bet in my opinion.

The books by Stephanie Meyer gained huge popularity before the films emerged, which is quite a feat given the subject matter of vampire romance. Even more incredible when you consider that the Twilight novels have sold over 100 million copies globally.

As with the Harry Potter films, I think the temptation will be there to make further motion pictures once the saga has ended, and there would be no shortage of willing viewers. I'm pretty sure I'll be watching!