Most Writers enjoy interacting with readers and receiving Comments

 We all love to write our articles in the hope that hundreds of people will read them and learn something from them. If no one reads them then why are we sitting here tapping away at the keys night after night and living in the hope of earning money when someone clicks on the adverts on our article?


Why do we write? Writing is a way of expressing our feelings and sharing our knowledge on a variety of subjects. This can be on crafts, technology, food, cooking, gardening, and wood working or in fact any subject at all. The subject itself is irrelevant; it is the information that you portray in the article that someone will learn something from that is of utmost importance.

We need to keep this in mind when we write all our articles. Sometimes we all forget this as we tap away at the keyboard we need to write interesting articles or at least write to the best of our ability. No one can ask or expect more than that.

Should we leave comments on articles or not?

I think we can all benefit from leaving comments on articles. Writing can be a lonely occupation at times, therefore I believe that everyone should leave a few comments on articles that you think are either informative, helpful, or because you feel better and enjoyed the article or the beautiful pictures on the article. It may have given you something to laugh about and with today's current life trends we can all do with a laugh from time to time.

No they do not have to be long winded comments, they can reflect that you enjoyed it, learned something from it, loved the pictures, or maybe you will try out the wonderful cream sponge recipe.

New writers and new members


As I said before, we sit there typing out what we believe to be a helpful or challenging article and to the new person if they never see a comment they will become disenchanted with their work and may think it is not good enough and you will never see them again.

All it will take is ten seconds of your very busy schedule to at least challenge yourself to comment on two articles a day. Your comment may keep the new person writing and they in turn will offer comments of their own on other new writers' articles. This could create a snowball effect with all writers commenting more.

Points unlocked for commenting

At info barrel we are awarded points when we leave a certain number of comments it could be thirty, fifty or even one hundred points. This benefits all writers and lifts there info barrel rating higher still so there is that added advantage for commenting on articles.

When I first started writing for info barrel I was so disappointed that no one left any comments. Where I had written before as soon as I wrote something, or within an hour or so I would have a message saying someone has commented on my article. This used to give me a real lift as it encouraged me to want to write more articles.

I know that many other writers think the same, and I have to acknowledge that there are members here that do leave comments. Yes many do not care or cannot be bothered to spend time leaving comments. They sometimes forget that it could be because of a comment they leave that may lead to someone clicking on one of their adverts and improve their income at the same time.

My Content page

This page shows a list of recent articles that I have written. There is nothing more depressing to me than looking down this page and not seeing a comment left by anyone.

If the articles are written solely SEO orientated then they will not attract as many contents.  Whereas how to, DIY, recipies, gardening articles may not earn as much but they will attract more readers and in turn receive more comments from readers with the same interests.

So how about it guys and gals lift your game. Start a new challenge today and leave a few more comments and also add more points to your score at the same time.

Enjoy writing for info barrel and earn money

So now you know the answer to why do we write and should we leave comments on our articles or not?