God for me!

God for us!

God is always within us and we never know about it. Holy Spirit comes to us through Lord Jesus Christ and we really do not understand that the real God is there within us. We always try to find the God outside or in the outside world. Well, is that true and real?

God has always been within us, however, we had the habit of searching God in the outside world. God never wants us to see Him in the outside world because He is there within us. Well, we might say that the real God is within us, however, we do not know what exactly that means, isn't it?

When we speak truth, the purity comes into us and since He is within us we speak the truth. Truth is something that is spoken only by pure spirit and not by anyone else in this world. Well, there are very few who understand the voice of God, however, God knows how to speak to us.

Most of us know that the True God is speaking to us and telling us many things, however, we deny and ignore things because of fear of the world. God might tell us to leave a certain place and move to some other destination, but, we are humans and we fear. God's Holy Spirit never does that. Holy Spirit knows that everything happens in this world for the best.

Well, I am talking about the world within where we find the love, mercy and peace of God. God never wants us to be hungry and unhappy. So He has all the ways to keep us fit, happy and in enjoyment. Until His Grace comes into our life that we have to toil and work hard like a bull. After God's presence in our life, most of our time goes in being happy and taking rest.

God gives us rest and that why we say that He is for me. We never understand the meaning of this. We always think more and taste less of His Love. Well, the rest or the peace within is very important and that is the original Grace of God.

We need Him for everything. We need God for Him to be with us so that we can take rest for the whole life. We need Him because He loves us and we need Him for loving us. Finally, we know that God is for us and God is only for me.

God is only for me means that first God prepares us, cleanses us and takes us towards the next level and great height of living this life. God adores us and He wants to see us in the best place in our life. He cares for our health, wealth and life too. He knows us more than anyone in this world can do. Well, we also need to God know so that we may be in an everlasting relationship with Him, isn't it?

God is for us all. You, me and also for those who do not know Him. That is why God is universal and He never leaves or forsakes anyone in this world. Due to this reason we always see everything good happening with us and with others too. God is great and we are also His great children. Afterall, He is the Father who knows how to love the world. His real world is within us.

God's power for us is amazing. He can live within our bone marrow too. There is no need of worries and tears in the presence of God when He loves us all the time and at every moment of life. Why do we need God then? I hope it is very much clear to us now.

God is for us, God is for me and God is for all!