Before answering to that question, we must say what leaf blowers actually are. I'm sure most of you already know that or else you wouldn't be reading this article, but nonetheless, there might be some who don't understand the "leaf blower" concept.

Leaf blowers are household tools you will use for cleaning various outdoor surfaces from various types of debriefs. Most of all they're used during the fall for cleaning decks, stairs, driveways and lawns from the leafs falling down from the trees. Leaf blowers have a tube and an engine that blows air trough this tube. Most of them also have a vacuum function, so instead of blowing the leafs away, you will vacuum them, shred them and store in special bag attached to the device. there are many types of leaf blowers on the market, the most popular ones being the gas, electric and cordless ones. According to these and to their size, they can be handheld (portable) or backpack held. More about each type in a later article from here.

Now, as we know what leaf blowers are, we might have already asked the question in the title. We said before that leaf blowers are used to gather and clean debriefs from decks, lawns, stairs, etc. So if you have a house with such things, you will definitely need one of these during the fall, unless you want to hire a company to do the work for you. I'd recommend you don't, a little bit a workout in the backyard might do you very good :P

There are many types of leaf blowers like i said before and you should choose the one that better meets your needs. If you have a big lawn for example, you will have to go for a gas powered back-pack held one, as they are more powerful and provide you the freedom of movement. They will be quite noisy though and banned in some states, so be careful about that.

Electric and cordless blowers are less powerful with the first needing to be connected to a power-plug and the second only having a limited operating time. However, they are lighter, usually handheld and less noisy. Oh, and cheaper too.

So, if you have to clean things in your backyard this fall and you don't have a leaf blower yet, you'd better get one asap. There are sites with leaf blower reviews where you can read more about each type of blowers and also see get very good price cuts on such devices and protection accessories . I advice you to visit sites with the best leaf blower reviews and try to get the deals as they still last, cause once the fall seasons begins, prices will definitely go up.