Think earning money online is a great idea? Make sure you realise what you are getting into.

100 dollar billCredit: wikipedia

Earning money online, the idea of multiple income streams and passive income have become incredibly popular in the last few years, with a large amount of people trying to live the dream, believing they can quit their job and retire early due to it.

This is fiction for 99% of people. Unfortunately this is not what people want to hear. It comes down to simple human nature. Ask yourself – are you the sort of self-motivated person who can push themselves to set up a business? If not, you are probably not the kind of self-motivated person who will push themselves to research money making ideas on the internet, put the time and effort into getting these ideas to fruition (which can take YEARS).


People still persist with this myth, but why? Well, it really falls into three camps. Those people who are out to make money from taking advantage of the millions out there trying to escape the drudgery of 9 to 5 working and be self sufficient, those who are telling you regurgitated information from the first group, hoping and wishing for their turn in the sun, and the 1% of people who actually make a living wage from the internet and would like to share some information. This is why there are millions of sites online dedicated to getting you rich from the internet. They are usually made by people who have been told these kind of sites make money, by OTHER people whose sites may have made money in the past. This is a flawed system as it obviously exponentially increases the amount of ‘make money online’ sites, meaning the majority will never be seen. 

Sadly most people are so desperate to find a solution that they will follow (and pay) anybody who gives them a promise of what they see as their dream. Whilst most of these people will make a few pennies online, ultimately most of them are not entrepreneurs, and will not stick with the few genuine money ideas until completion.

This article is not designed to say don’t bother trying to make money online, as there ARE people earning enough money to class it as a wage (earning a few pennies a month doesn’t count, that is the START of your journey, not the end). However, as with the offline world, this is limited to people with the tenacity, will and drive to succeed.

You must consider yourself self-employed if you plan to make money from the internet. You are an entrepreneur, and must take opportunities when they arise. You must have the mind set that You inc. will be fully responsible for your earnings. If you only put in a part time effort to your online earnings, it will only result in part time income and results.