It is the festive season and you are unsure as to what one should get for people as presents, as you're wondering what to get, you recall that your intended target recipient owns an ipod or itouch or iphone, and that their rather lousy default earphones had just failed, so you spot a nice new pair of earphones and you're wondering whether to get it as a Christmas day present.

Odds are, the earphone that you spot will probably make a good christmas present.
After all, almost everyone wishes to listen to music on the go.

Firstly, even if your friend has yet to spoil his or her earphones, chances are him or her would be using the default phone that came with their mp3 player. Alternatively, they might use something else as their portable music device, such as a PSP-Go. In that case, chances are most people would take the cheapest and nearest headphones or earphones and use it until they get a better pair. Often, they find they do not have the time to actually buy a proper pair of phones.

For such an instance, even a proper pair of 20 dollar to 50 dollar earphones would be a significant upgrade over their default pair, both in durability as well as aurally.

They also have additional stuff that the default phones usually would not have.
For example, a Sennheiser CX500 would have much better sound, as well as the ability to isolate out and reduce the outside noise. Earphones can also come with a better and clearer microphone.

If you're on a tight budget, even 25 dollar earphones will make a discernible difference to the casual viewer. Your gift recipient will be exposed to a new range of sound that they would never have thought existed.
If they have a better pair of earphones, they would know not to take it out of the box, and ask for a refund, probably gently trying to prod out a receipt from you. It is rather easy to gift them a receipt in this case, as you can simply say that the earphones looked pretty and you did not know if they would have a need for a new one.

If you're thinking of getting a more pricey pair of earphones for a loved one, then you might want to consider this christmas earphones page. The ranges can go from the 100s and up, in such a case the quality is definitely far higher and would surpass anything that they would have heard before, but of course you would need to make more research before undertaking such an expensive purchase.