Do it, for yourself.

Like many people, I strive to help those around me by giving them advice or emotional support. Recently, I've found myself saying, "Well, it sounds like they need to do some yoga" about almost everyone that I know, especially the ones that are struggling. It is a daunting task to add one more thing to your daily routine, but yoga is definitely worth it.

For one, yoga will help you focus. So, the work gets done in less time and with less stress, and then there's more time to engage in hobbies, time with friends and family, or just plain vegging out.

Yoga also helps to cleanse the body of negative emotions, without the neccesity for sharing with others. I personally have a lot of guilt about sharing my sadness, fear, anger, anxiety, etc. Yoga is a personal practice, though, no one even has to know that you're doing it! A few moments alone in a bedroom or another quiet location will do a world of good, and you can do it for yourself.

Similarly, through my personal experience and the experience of many that I'm close to, I've discovered that yoga works a whole lot better than prescription medications. If you are on anti-depressants, anti-anxiety medications or any other mood-altering drugs, try yoga! People have lasted for thousands of years without pills, we don't need them now. Yoga is a proven practice that makes you feel happier, healthier and more at ease.

There are also some obvious physical benefits to doing yoga, such as increased flexibility and muscle tone. Have you ever noticed how yogies look about five or ten years younger than they actually are? It's because they rejuvinate themselves daily. Throw out the botox and get yourself a yoga mat.

A yoga practice does not need to be intensive exercise, sometimes it can be lying on a mat breathing deeply for a few minutes with your eyes closed. The world would be better off if everyone were a little less stressed and a little more focused. So, do yourself and the world some good, and ease into the world of yoga. I guarantee a more positive attitude and a healthier body and mind, for as long as you keep practicing.