The end of the school term is usually a great time for a school trip and a popular excursion for many schools and pupils are school trips to Paris.

In fact, the best of these school trips to Paris will include many fantastic excisions to the numerous attractions outside the great city that will interest students and teachers alike. No trip to Paris would be the same without a trip to the Euro Disney resort which lies to the west of the city.

To go to somewhere like Euro Disney would mean having a trip that would leave many wonderful memories for all the children who are privileged to go on the trip.It is easy to book school trips to Paris that include a trip to Euro Disney because it is so often included in these kind of trips by the companies that organise them. Indeed Euro Disney do specialise in accommodating large groups of children who have come to take in and sample the wonderful sights and sounds of the euro Disney resort.

It is easy to get to the resort from Paris either by road or by rail. There is a metro service which will take you directly to the resort straight from the city so you need not worry about getting stuck in traffic the resort may even offer discounts to large groups of children on excursions so the at they will save money on the entry cost.

One could question whether including trips to Euro Disney in school trips to Paris but this can add a fun element to the trip that the at the children will never forget.

A good thing to do when visiting the resort is to ensure that children bring along plenty of spending money so that they can buy souvenirs and gifts and also purchase food from the numerous cafes and restaurants that are available on the resort site.

It is also a good idea to make sure they have clothing suitable for the season they visit in. so in summer, make sure they dress in summer wear so they don't get too hot and also ensure they apply lots of sun screen so they do not get sunburnt and drink cool liquids. This is because the area does get quite hot in during the summer months. Likewise if you happen to visit in the low season, maybe in the winter months, make sure they wear clothes to keep them warn whilst they queue for the rides and also drink lots of hot drinks.

School trips to Paris and in particular those that include excursions to Euro Disney need not be something to dismiss, but can be a fantastic part of your excursion to the famous city.