It is common these days to find bathrooms in areas of the house where there is little or no natural light, especially in the case of en suite bathrooms. Illuminated bathroom mirrors can work wonders in rooms like these, where the main bathroom light might not give enough light or is positioned wrong to light the mirror properly.

Trying to get ready in a poorly lit bathroom can be so frustrating, as you peer into the mirror and find yourself turning your head at all sorts of strange angles to try and get the light right. Applying make up or shaving can turn into a mission if you can't see what you are doing properly, and you end up leaving the bathroom feeling like you might have made yourself look like a clown, or completely missed a patch of stubble. Thankfully there are now mirrors that have the answer to all these problems, as they are lit either from behind or have lights around them so that your entire face is illuminated. They are normally easy to fit, and come in a great range of designs to suit any bathroom.

It might be that you have a small downstairs bathroom that you would like an illuminated mirror to go it to give a feeling of more space, it is possible to get very simple, minimalist bathroom mirrors to go in places such as this, that fit in with the decor discreetly, but are actually performing much more of a role than simple giving a reflection.

Having a mirror that doesn't rely on the main light in the room for it's reflection is a great advantage over standard mirrors. The different styles and angles of lighting that can be achieved with illuminated mirrors is almost endless, and if you can't find a mirror in the stores that either looks how you want, or is lit in the way you want, it is possible to have a bespoke mirror made specifically for your needs. This route may well be more expensive than buying an "off the shelf" mirror, but if you have a particular location and particular lighting aspect in mind for your mirror then this may well be the only way to get exactly what you are after. The light given off by a mirror is going to be dimmer than that of the main light in the room, so it can also be used as a nice way to create a chilled out atmosphere in the bathroom, using just the mirror as your source of light for a nice long soak in the bath.

Having illuminated bathroom mirrors instead of just a standard mirror in your bathroom, can make the room feel completely different, and can really add that special feel to the room. While it may cost a little extra, it is more than likely a worthwhile investment.