Mike Tyson

Be yourself

Honestly?!?! Can someone tell me why Iron Mike is still relevant? There is no denying his impressive resume, 50 wins, 44 by KO and he will definitely go down as one of boxing's best draw. There is no doubt that he deserves to be in the Hall of Fame, yes even the WWE Hall of Fame, which is definitely a topic to be argued at a later time.  "Iron Mike" deserves all of his "boxing" accolades, but why oh why is he still here on my TV. 

I was watching an episode of Kimmel during the NBA Finals and saw Tyson "rap" about James Harden of the Oklahoma City Thunder and at first I was amused at the notion of the "baddest man on the planet,'' giving it a go at rapping.  As I continue to watch, all I saw was a guy who was plainly just making a fool of himself, because he had nothing.  Did I change the channel?? Of course not!!  I left the TV on while I went to make me a sandwhich, afterall I cannot be rude to the Champ.  I came back and his bit was over and I thought Finally, now I can here Kimmel.

Don't get me wrong, I like Tyson, but he could have just called it a career after The Hangover.  That was the ultimate cameo, besides Bill Murray in Zombieland.  Tyson could have and should have ended on a high note. I honestly think that we like to have Tyson on because we have no clue as to what he is going to do next, he bit a man's freakin ear off for crying out loud!!

What I like most about Tyson is that he reall just does not care.  After all his self exploration while in prison and after, he must have realized that it is Ok to be yourself, however weird that may be.  I used to think that he was a train wreck and thought that was why I enjoyed him so much. After looking further, I realize that this individual is comfortable doing skits which are a caricature of himself and saying anything that comes to his mind.  We can all learn from the Champ.

I appreciate the time and efforts he gives us and I am sure he appreciates the checks he collects, all I'm saying is "Please Champ, don't stop being yourself," i love that this man is comfortable enough to do ANYTHING!!