He's young (16), he's very handsome, he can sing a little – but just why is the singer Justin Bieber loved by so many teenage girls? At the end of 201o, MTV announced that he had been voted the world's most popular star. So does Justin Bieber deserve all these accolades? And is he more than the most recent of a long line of young male singing stars who have arguably had more attention than they are worth?

It's hard to tell why Justin Bieber is so popular. Many teenage girls love Justin Bieber because he is a dream boyfriend. He looks gentle and handsome, and roughly their own age. He isn't too dangerous-looking, yet he is also just a bit rebellious. So their parents might not mind him too much, but he's still slightly edgy.

It seems that Justin Bieber first came to prominence through Twitter. For what seemed like ages, Justin Bieber showed up in Twitter trends – and people above teen-age had no idea at all who he was. Now there seems to be so much about him out there –and that from a boy who was first spotted on YouTube. You can buy lots of different Bieber goods to show how much you love him. For instance, you can buy Justin Bieber bracelets. They are a fun way for you (or, more likely, your young relatives) to show how much you really love Justin Bieber.

Yes, Justin Bieber is a 21st century phenomenon.

Frank Sinatra and the Beatles

There have always been stars like Justin Bieber – since the mid 20th century anyway. Frank Sinatra was the first popular singer who attracted large audiences of teenage girls who would swoon at the sight of him, and queue for hours for his concerts. These girls were often known as bobby-soxers, after the short socks they wore. Frank Sinatra had a career over many years, and his physical appearance didn't seem to have much to do with that.

The Beatles, especially Paul McCartney, were also very popular with young girls due to their sweet faces. Of course they were also terrific musicians and fully deserved their lifelong success. Other bands and singers, from David Cassidy to Take That, have also been extremely popular with teenage girls, while adults simply don't understand what these girls see in them. They all have unusually handsome faces, looking boyish rather than like mature men.

While many of these young men, now an awful lot older, have taken their fans along with them - Paul McCartney is still considered attractive even as he heads towards his 70s - others have not. Will Justin Bieber still have women listening to him and screaming in 50 years time ... I doubt it.

Oh, and Justin Bieber is Canadian. Who knew?