Many may argue that the liver is made to recover and sustain our diet, and that liver problems generally happen when we follow an extremely unhygienic diet plan. The liver definitely has an extraordinary ability to perform well on its own and our consumption of liquid definitely helps with its regeneration, but there is a lot happening in our body than we know.

The liver is:

  • The filter for your toxins
  • The cleanser of your bloodstream
  • One of the largest organs in your body
  • The busiest organ in the body

Indeed the liver is a filter and can remove undesirable particles from our bloodstream such as:

  • Dead cells
  • Microorganisms such as bacteria
  • Unhealthy fat
  • And toxic chemicals

If your liver is not healthy and can’t remove these organisms from your blood stream, then they will build up and damage the delicate lining of the blood vessels. This can lead to hardening and blockage of your arteries.

The Process of Liver Detoxification

What happens is that when we consume our food, it gets digested to an extent in our mouth and then swallowed to our stomach. After the 2nd phase of digestion the food is sent to the small intestine to absorb other nutrients into our body stream from the digested food. The nutrients are carried over in our blood stream to our liver to get detoxified. This eventually supports our immune system, out of which a big role is taken by our small intestines.

These intestines filter out the bad bacteria, fungi and parasites on an everyday basis. When the number of those bad cells rises in number, they manage to enter our bloodstream and then damage our tissues. This is where the bile takes a final role. The bile juice takes a strong action against these aggressive cells so that we don’t face any disorders or serious medical problems. If you are suffering from a gut related auto-immune disorder it may be because of a blockage of bile flow. The last thing the bile does in the intestine is to kill the parasites. Even the healthiest person has some degree of parasitical and fungal infection.

There are many anti-parasitic remedies in the marketplace and most of them are mildly toxic and bad for daily use. If however, bile flow is healthy then you have a built-in defence against parasites and Candida.

How Detoxification Fails

At times the bile fails to perform due to gallstones and biliary sludge; therefore the toxins don’t release from the body and get locked up inside circulating in our blood stream. This forces the bile to back up the bloodstream and then cause other bacteria and toxins to expand in your body including cholesterol. If these begin to expand rapidly, then you will see symptoms of whiteness in the eyes and yellowness of skin, which is scientifically called Jaundice.

Eventually our immune function is compromised and then that is where our liver is unable to recover on its own due to over-aggressive toxins. So that is why you must be careful about the health of your liver, because it will only warn you in its last stages.