That is a frequently asked question, coming mainly from people who are just beginning. Constructing a website is but half the job, with the other half being to make certain that you have visitors. So, when your site is not appearing on Google, how is that done? Having entered your website domain in the search bar field for a Google search, such as, and the results page does not include it, your site has no indexing, so there are several actions that you should take to correct the matter and make it appear.

So Why Isn't Your Website Appearing in Google?

The first step is to determine whether or not your content is in Flash. Flash is hard to search and so it is held in low esteem by search engines and, to be truthful, is just not liked by anyone. Does your site use a "Home," "Reciprocal Links," "Sitemap," and "About Us" page? Each one of the above pages is significant, but in order to make your website appear in Google results pages the one which is crucial to have is the sitemap page. The sitemap page, as the name suggests, lists each of the component pages of your website. It not only assists your visitors in navigating your website, but it also aids search engine crawlers in accessing each page of your site in order to index all of the content. You can very easily construct a sitemap yourself, and sitemap generators are available online without any charge. However, it takes several days for everything to be merged in, so just be patient if you do not see results immediately on Google. Do not panic and simply give it a couple of days and then enter in the Google search bar again. Again, having a sitemap page is critical so that Google is able to index each page of your site and not simply the one which you entered. The bottom line is that the greater the number of visitors which come to your website, the better off you are!

If this is still not working, you may want to manually submit your website to the search engines. This pretty much guarantees that your website will be indexed (unless it is being penalized). I would recommend submitting to more than one search engine for maximum exposure, preferably the main three; Google, Yahoo and Bing. The more exposure you get the more traffic will follow! Good luck with your indexing!