What is a Bounce rate and is it better to be high or low?

The bounce rate is another measure of how Google will measure how well your articles are doing for you. It does not matter where they are, the measuring algorithm post Google Panda will be the same. And although it is a large secret, as to how Google measure success, the one thing we can be sure of, is that it is a crawler, and there fore a computer program. Computers do not have feelings, so you can be pretty sure stats and mathematics come into the way you are measured.

Do not even think that the way you write or the witty rapor that you have with your reader matters to Google crawler. It has no sense of humor or manners. It wants cold hard facts. But whilst this is the case, your readers will be grateful for the style of writing you produce, and that does matter. Why? Because that means your readers will stay on your page and site longer, giving you a nice healthy bounce rate.


Yes, that smoothy leads me on to the next point. That is the direction you want your bounce rate to go. Down, as low as you can. You can do this in a couple of ways.

The first way to get your bounce rate down and keep people on your site longer is make sure that you are not publishing rubbish. When someone finds a site that is purely advertising, noisy and wrongly kew worded, so they are directed to it wrongly, they will most likely get off your landing page within seconds. This is what sends your bounce rate up to the sky. That is the meaning of the word. It is about people "bouncing" off your page. So give them something readable, and something they want. That is where research comes in.


The second way to make your bounce rate come down is to make sure you have good long posts that take a while to read and digest when people are interested in your page. Also a good idea is to link to another page of yours that is related to your topic. This keeps them on your site longer and also keeps the bounce rate down and the time spent higher.


What you are actually looking for is a bounce rate that is no higher than 80% or you may well disappear into the abyss that is the internet.


Bounce rates are not simply about how long a person stayed on your page however. That itself it your Average Bounce time. Bounce rate is basically about whether someone clicked straight off your page or clicked through to another page of your site or from the page that your work is on.

What do I mean?

I mean for instance, if you wrote an article here on Infobarrel and someone stayed and read your page, and then clicked from your page to another of your articles or an article of someone elses, then that is good for you.

If they close the page or do a new search because they were not interested on your page, or the search result wrongly brought up your site, this is bad for you.


Where can you find your Bounce rate?

You will find your bounce rate on Google analytics.Here!


If you wish to learn about Google analytics there is a great article here at Infobarrel. This explains all the features of Google analytics and how it can help you to disect the behaviour of your visitors and how your articles are doing.Google analytics article.