Being a pet owner can be one of the most fulfilling times of your life, if you know what you're getting into.  Before you decide to adopt a dog from the pound or a rescue you should have some idea of what the breed you are interested in is all about.

 Are you hyper?  Want your dog to be too?

Some dog breeds are obviously more high-strung than others, so if a dog that has a ton of energy is your cup of tea, the Terrier group may be the way to go.

Almost any dog in the Terrier family will have energy to burn.  In general these dogs are feisty and do not readily tolerate other animals, including dogs.  They were originally bred to hunt and kill pests, and modern versions still carry on as if ready for an argument of some sort.  Examples of this family are the Irish Terrier, the Russell Terrier, and the Miniature Schnauzer.

One more example of a high energy dog in the Terrier family is the American Staffordshire Terrier.  As you can see from the picture below, I am a little partial to these guys!  My wife and I happened to get one as a rescue and she turned out to be the best dog ever.  Full of energy, to be sure, but also good with other dogs and very loveable.




morgan nikki

If you love the outdoors, these dogs are great!

Almost any dog in the Hound family will be perfect for you if hunting is your pastime.  In particular the English Foxhound is great for hunting almost any kind of ground game and has energy to spare.  They are a stubborn, independent breed and need to be exercised on a regular basis.

Another breed that is well suited for the outdoors is the Viszla.  Never heard of this breed, you say?  Well, I can't say that I had, either, but after reading about them for this article, if I was a hunter I would consider one for a companion!  They are great as pointers and as retrievers, and are affectionate towards their families.  Viszlas also have the capacity to take training very readily.

Even as puppies, these breeds know what to do!

Right out of the gate dogs seem to know what they were built to do.  If you adopt a puppy with lots of energy, beware that there will be times when you will wonder what you were thinking!  However, with regular exercise and a good training class, you will become accustomed to your new best friends needs and a routine will be developed. 

I will not go into detail here but there are other aspects of dog ownership that are important to consider.  Medical conditions associated with some breeds, neighborhood  and dog park restricitions, and how long the breed lives are a few of these considerations.

My life has been greatly enhanced by living it with our dogs.  I couldn't imagine having it any other way!