Garnier BB cream
mature woman


For the more mature woman

It is quite a common mistake amongst more mature women to think that if they use a heavy foundation they will hide all the imperfections on their face such as wrinkles, age spots or dark circles under the eyes. 

But unfortunately, doing this is quite the opposite of what they should in fact do. A heavy foundation creates a mask like face and actually accentuates wrinkles. It may not appear to do so while the woman is applying her foundation in the privacy of her bathroom, but if when she steps out into the harsh daylight she could look at her face again in a mirror she would see what this article means. 

As women age, they need to adapt their make up to their changing face and this follows more or less the same guide line that exists for the colour of women's hair as they grow older. When a woman is young she can carry off jet black hair or bright red auburn hair but as she gets older these colours need to be softened or else they will look very harsh framing an older face. 

To try and explain it a little more. When a photographer takes photos of a young model he will probably not need to use any filters on the camera because everything that he sees is sharp and clear, while when taking photos of a more mature face he will usually have to resort to using special lighting and filters which can even include veils. 

What the photographer is trying to do is soften all the features on the face and so likewise when a more mature women applies make up she should try to soften it as well. No more bright red lipsticks, purple eye shadows or thick black eye liners but instead pale coral and soft earth colours. 

The face though is the canvas with which to start with and the ideal foundation at this time of life for a woman is a tinted moisturizer and Garnier's BB Miracle Skin Perfector is ideal. Apart from moisturizing the skin throughout the day, it includes particles which catch the light and blur any dark areas or wrinkles. It also includes a sun protection factor of 15. It glides on very easily and comes in two tones, one for fair skins and one for medium toned skins. Its price is around €10 for a 50 ml tube so it isn't an overly expensive product. 

To this fresh background one can now make up the eyes using a soft brown matt eye shadow for the upper eyelids, smudging a little underneath the lower eyelashes and then finishing off by using brown mascara. 

A bit of coral coloured blusher on the cheek bones and finally a pale pink or pale coral lipstick. 

There are a few photos here of more mature ladies all looking fresh with minimal and soft make up.